Where is the Best Fort Morgan Pizza?

Fort Morgan pizza
Vacation is a time where you can try new things and the calories don’t count. But, sometimes, you just want some good ol’ pizza. Luckily for you,
Fort Morgan pizza places make some great pies to satisfy that craving. So, when you don’t want seafood or Southern food, think about these Fort Morgan pizza places! Here, we’ll break down where you can find pizza in Fort Morgan and what you should order.

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Fort Morgan Pizza You’ll Love

Fort Morgan Pizza

Let’s start with the one whose name fits the bill: Fort Morgan Pizza. If you’re looking for something easy that everyone likes, ordering in a pizza is a great idea! At Fort Morgan Pizza, you get what you’d expect: great pizza, sides, and more to feed your group, no matter how large it may be. On the menu, they offer specialty pizzas, build-your-own, cheese sticks, and more for a convenient and delicious meal. Their pizza is available as delivery, carryout, or take-and-bake. Fort Morgan combines convenience with quality and delivers undeniably delicious flavor you’ll love. Call (251) 540-2622 and remember they’re cash or check only!

Village Hideaway

At the Beach Club in Fort Morgan, Village Hideaway offers an assortment of classic American food like burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. They also have good pub grub and seafood baskets, too. But, to satisfy your pizza craving, they bake up some incredible pies. In a sit-down kind of establishment, Village Hideaway offers specialty pizzas like the Bama Beach BBQ pizza with mango BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, Canadian bacon, pineapple, red onion, jalapeno, and topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Their signature pizza, the Village Hideaway pizza, is your classic supreme style pizza. And, for the meat lovers among you, The Carnivore is sure to satisfy with five meats. While currently a sit-down pizza experience, they will soon offer delivery in Fort Morgan!

Other Great Restaurants Nearby

Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. So, if you’re out and about on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, you should know there are many wonderful options for pizza in Gulf Shores, as well. And, in case pizza doesn’t sound like your kind of vacation meal, there are some other great options in Fort Morgan. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Power Your Beach Vacation With Pizza

Planning a beach vacation to Alabama’s Gulf Coast? Start your vacation off with pizza as a convenient meal delivered to your vacation rental! Let these great Fort Morgan pizza places welcome you to a beautiful beach house or condo from Sunset Properties. Our beach rentals are the perfect solution for your vacation. So, browse our available properties and see for yourself how beautiful your time here can be. And, when you need more ideas for things to do here, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide!

Find Fun, Food, and More at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan

Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan
On Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the Tacky Jacks franchise is a fun tradition you’ll want to plan on! Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan serves up the kind of seafood and southern food you want at a beach joint like this. With everything from fried seafood to Po’ Boys to burgers to oysters, Tacky Jacks combines seafood with fun and more. Here, we’ll break down for you why you should sit down for a meal at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan, what to order, and what to expect. You’re in for a treat!

There is some great food in Fort Morgan just waiting for you to enjoy! Pair that with beautiful, white sand beaches, incredible things to do, and a wonderful beach house or condo, and you’re in for a wonderful vacation experience. To make the most of your time in Fort Morgan, be sure to download the free Vacation Guide from Sunset Properties. Our guide is your ticket to that dream vacation, here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

What You’ll Experience at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan

Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan, or Tacky Jacks 2, is a celebrated tradition along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Grab a seat and find yourself before a spectacular view and delicious food. Famous for their drinks, seafood, views, and fun atmosphere, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite of locals and vacationers alike. Tacky Jacks will entertain you with live music and events featuring local musicians and more. So, sit down to some comfort food and stay awhile!

What Should You Order?

Tacky Jacks 2 serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus you can get an awesome drink from the bar. They have a lot of great options. So, here, we’ll narrow it down for you and highlight some of their most popular ones to whet your appetite.


What a great way to start a day! The Farmer’s Omelet is a hearty, cheesy omelet full of potatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, ham, and American cheese. For some local flare with your breakfast, order the Shrimp Omelet, filled with Gulf shrimp and cheese. There’s also build-your-own omelets, egg sandwiches, platters, waffles, pancakes, and French toast. You can’t go wrong starting your day at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan!


Start your meal off right with an appetizer for the table. Their Mexican Garbage Nachos are famously delicious. Beef and cheese nachos with two cheeses, tomato, onions, black olives, sour cream, jalapeno peppers, and salsa. Another one you’ll want to try: Gator Bites. A half pound of deep fried or blackened gator tail. Now, that’s one you can tell your friends! For something shareable, an order of their Smoked Tuna Dip is sure to satisfy, too!

Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches

There’s a lot of flavor packed into these dishes. Try their Seafood Gumbo for a flavorful tradition. For a lighter take, Tacky Jacks salads are bright and flavorful. Try their Seafood Salad or Jacks House Salad. Great sandwiches are a specialty at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan. A variety of Po’ Boys like the classic Shrimp Po’ Boy, Oyster Po’ Boy, or Crawfish Po’ Boy are a great decision. If a Po’ Boy isn’t your things, fish tacos, burritos, and even a Philly Cheese Steak will enliven your taste buds!

Entrees and Platters

Tacky Jacks 2 in Fort Morgan gives you a lot of great choices when it comes to fresh, local seafood, and it reflects in their entrees and platters. From Mahi Mahi to Crab Cakes to Shrimp and Grits, you’ll be full with the Gulf’s offerings. Try any of the aforementioned entrees or their oyster platter: 10 deep fried oysters with fries and cocktail sauce. Or, if you aren’t a fan of seafood, a 12-ounce Ribeye or Grilled Chicken Platter await your order. You can’t go wrong at Tacky Jacks in Fort Morgan!   

The Perfect Vacation Dinner Destination

Plan your vacation to  Alabama’s Gulf Coast and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a Tacky Jacks experience! With locations in Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach there’s one just minutes away from your vacation rental. And, to make the most of your time on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, stay in a beach house or condo from Sunset Properties. Our beachy and balmy rentals are the perfect laid back relaxation you need to enjoy your vacation. Browse our availability and see for yourself how great a vacation to the Gulf Shores can be!

What Will You Try First at Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach?

Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach
You just can’t plan a vacation to Alabama’s Gulf Coast without diving into a basket of crispy fried seafood. There’s a whole world of Gulf cuisine down here, and Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach is a great place to start! If the seafood restaurant’s moniker isn’t clear enough for you, then you’re about to have a revelation. You’ll soon find comfort in a basket of delicious, juicy seafood made to order and piping hot. So, you’re at Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach? What will you try first?

A juicy, jumbo Gulf shrimp is eponymous with Gulf Shores cuisine. And, as much as you’ll love the food here, you’ll find that the things to do in the free Vacation Guide from Sunset Properties to be equally as incredible. We want you to have the best vacation ever, right here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Menu Highlights: Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach


Start your night off right and whet your palate with an appetizer. They’re so delicious, you may find it hard to share with the rest of the table. Try their Fried Coconut Shrimp, Fried Pickles, Corn Fritters, or Smoked Tuna Dip for a tasty start at your table.

Grilled or Blackened Platters

For an unfried burst of flavor, Shrimp Basket’s grilled or blackened platters are ideal. Of course, you can order your shrimp platter grilled or blackened, but you also have the choice between whitefish, catfish, chicken breast, or a combination.

Fried Baskets

This is where your fried seafood dreams come true. Everything from Fried Popcorn Shrimp to a Fried Stuffed Crab is made-to-order, hot and juicy. You’ll find delicious favorites like a Fried Shrimp Basket, Fried Whitefish Basket, and Fried Catfish Basket, as well as Fried Oyster Baskets and Fried Crab Claws. The options are endless!

House Specials

The combination of Cajun flavors and Coastal offerings means you get your choice of just about any seafood you want. Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach has some great house specials, as well. You’ll want to give their Red Beans and Rice a try or their Shrimp n’ Grits. Their Mahi Mahi Tacos are a good choice, too.

Burgers and Sandwiches

If seafood isn’t your thing, then don’t worry! Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach has got you covered. An assortment of burgers and chicken sandwiches says, “All are welcome here!” Try their BBQ Burger or Fried Chicken Sandwich. They also have a few delicious renditions of PoBoys for your choosing.


Finish off your meal with a delectable dessert. Cool Key Lime Pie is a great palate cleanser or Funnel Cake Fries will get your fingers sticky.

Fried Seafood and a Gulf Coast Vacation are a Perfect Pair

Make the most of your vacation and come to Alabama’s Gulf Coast where you’ll find Shrimp Basket in Orange Beach and much more! Come, lay by the Gulf and let the waters playfully lap up to your feet while you soak in the sunshine. There’s truly no better way to vacation than this. So, browse the available beach houses and condos here at Sunset Properties! Our beautiful and beachy properties are the perfect place for your beach getaway this summer. Plus, they’re conveniently located in Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach. Contact us today to book your ideal summer getaway!

4 Great Fort Morgan Alabama Restaurants You Need to Try

Fort Morgan Alabama Restaurants

Part of what makes Fort Morgan such a wonderful vacation destination is its relative remoteness in an otherwise busy place. The miles of uncrowded beaches make for the perfect getaway! You may think that, as a result of being less crowded, it lacks the amenities of its neighbors, but that just isn’t true! There are a few Fort Morgan Alabama restaurants that ensure you won’t have to leave your little corner of paradise. From delicious food cooked with love to beachy, fun, open-air atmospheres, these Fort Morgan Alabama restaurants need to be on your list!

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Don’t Skip These Fort Morgan Alabama Restaurants

Whether you’re ordering into your vacation rental or looking for dinner with a view, these great Fort Morgan Alabama restaurants are sure to satisfy!

  1. Fort Morgan Pizza

    If you’re looking for something easy that everyone likes, ordering in a pizza is a great idea! At Fort Morgan Pizza, you get what you’d expect: great pizza, sides, and more to feed your group, no matter how large it may be. On the menu, they offer specialty pizzas, build-your-own, cheese sticks, and more for a convenient and delicious meal.

  2. Tacky Jacks 2

    On Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the Tacky Jacks franchise is a fun tradition you’ll want to plan on! Tacky Jacks 2, in Fort Morgan, serves up the kind of seafood and southern food you want at a beach joint like this. With everything from fried seafood to Po’ Boys to burgers to oysters, Tacky Jacks combines seafood with fun. Join the party with karaoke, happy hour at the bar every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and live music!

  3. Village Hideaway

    At the Beach Club in Fort Morgan, Village Hideaway offers an assortment of classic American food like burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. They also have good pub grub and seafood baskets, too. Or, if you’re in the mood for pizza, they have that, too!

  4. Behind the Pines

    If you’re looking for something unheralded, the hole-in-the-wall establishment that is Behind the Pines in Fort Morgan offers some really great soul food, seafood, and southern fare. Locally famous for their fish tacos, they also offer a New Orleans-style fish or shrimp Po’ Boy, burgers, fried green tomatoes as an appetizer, shrimp and grits, and a seafood platter–grilled or fried.

Fort Morgan Has All You Need for a Great Vacation

From the sugar-white sands of Fort Morgan to these fabulous and fun restaurants, a Fort Morgan vacation sure seems to be on the horizon! Speaking of being on the horizon, at Sunset Properties, we offer some of the best beach houses and condos for your beach vacation to Fort Morgan. You’ll love being just steps away from the beach and minutes away from great restaurants like the ones listed above. So, browse our availability and see for yourself how amazing your vacation to Fort Morgan can be! We are eager to host you, so contact us today to book your stay!


Where is the Best Pizza in Gulf Shores?

Pizza in Gulf Shores
For many, having an easy dinner at least one night per week during vacation is essential. Even with all the great local food and beautifully appointed kitchens you’ll find in vacation rentals, you may just find it easier to order in. So, when you’re looking for pizza in Gulf Shores, use our list of the best in town to make sure everybody’s happy. There’s a lot from which to choose, but our guide will help you narrow down the best pizza in Gulf Shores!

There’s so much to enjoy here on your beach adventure in Gulf Shores, from days on the beach to local wildlife exploration to shopping and entertainment! But, what should you have on your vacation plan? Let the expertise of Sunset Properties guide you to the best Gulf Shores vacation. Our free Vacation Guide is full of wonderful ideas sure to make lasting memories about which you’ll want to tell all your friends! You can trust us. We’re the experts!

Prime Places for Pizza in Gulf Shores

Whether you’re up for carryout, delivery, or sit-down, these prime places for pizza in Gulf Shores are sure to satisfy that pizza craving! Here are the best places in Gulf Shores to get your pizza fix!

Crico’s Pizza & Subs

Delicious, hand-tossed pizzas with delivery to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet define Crico’s as one of the best-rated pizza places in Gulf Shores. You can’t go wrong with their vast selection of toppings, hot or cold subs, salads, and sides. If you’re looking for great pizza in Gulf Shores, then Crico’s is your go-to.

Janino’s Pizza

Janino’s one of the best spots in Gulf Shores to get New York-style pizza. From-scratch pizza dough and sauce mean this pizza has its own distinguished flavor you can’t resist. Menu options like calzones, stromboli, salads, sides, pasta, and more are available for those not looking for traditional pizza. Janino’s Pizza has what you’re looking for!

Papa Rocco’s

Don’t let their tongue-in-cheek motto, “The home of warm beer and lousy pizza,” fool you. Papa Rocco’s has some of the best pizza in Gulf Shores! With everything from fantastic pizza, hot dogs, pasta, burgers, seafood, and oysters, Papa Rocco’s has a wide variety of selection to satisfy every craving in your group.

Papa’s Pizza

Another New York-style pizza joint, Papa’s Pizza offers pizza by the slice or by the pie. Pizza’s like, “The Frank Sinatra,” or, “The Joe Pesci,” will entice you or you can build your own. Calzones and strombolis are also popular offerings. Or, add an order of garlic knots or chicken wings to complete your dinner package.

Pizza Delivered to Your Vacation Rental

After a fun day at the beach, you may want to just relax in your beach house or condo and order in. If that’s the case, then these great places for pizza in Gulf Shores won’t disappoint! So, relax in our beautiful vacation rentals just steps from the beach and eat great pizza! At Sunset Properties, you’ll love the quality and convenience our rentals offer. Browse our availability and see for yourself the kind of vacation that can be yours. So, contact us today to book your beach getaway!


Where is the Best Nightlife in Gulf Shores?

nightlife in gulf shores

As the sun goes down on Gulf Shores, Alabama, the glamorous nightlife awaits you. Hit the town with your friends on a weekend getaway, and you’ll drink and dance the night away! Gulf Shores boasts a variety of great restaurants, local bars, live music, and shopping! Here are some of the area’s top spots for enjoying the nightlife in Gulf Shores.

Looking for the most incredible experiences on Alabama’s Gulf Coast? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Sunset Properties, we know where all the fun is! So, check out our recommended activities, and enjoy this list of the best nightlife in Gulf Shores.

Where You Can Find the Best Nightlife in Gulf Shores

The Wharf
One of the Gulf Coast’s most entertaining places also has some of the best nightlife. Choose from a variety of restaurants, enjoy great seafood, or kick back at the cigar bar. While walking the main strip, you’ll enjoy the live music or take a ride on the famous ferris wheel. Come out for a concert and grab a seat in The Wharf’s Amphitheater! It has hosted music legends such as Rascal Flatts, Chicago, Tim McGraw and many more.

The Hangout
Don’t miss out on the food, music, and fun at The Hangout! Grab a bite to eat with options like crab cakes, steaks, sandwiches, and more. The Hangout offers a full schedule of live entertainment all year long. Plus, at the end of May, enjoy the party at the annual, three-day Hangout Music Fest. The festival features nonstop entertainment from many of the top artists. Some from the past include Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band, Skrillex, Paramore, and Beck, just to name a few.

Lulu’s at Marina Homeport
Often known for its good food and great atmosphere, Lulu’s offers a Bama Breeze Bar to get you started while you wait for a table. Plus, the kids can go crazy on the three-story rope climbing course. There is also live music every night just for your entertainment!

Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar
Straddling the Florida and Alabama state line, Flora-Bama is a must stop for anyone in the area. They offer weekly events such as open mic night and Wacky Women Wednesday. They also host locally famous annual events like the Polar Bear Dip, Mullet Toss, and the Super Bowl Chili Cook Off! With two stages, they have live music to entertain all night long!

Tacky Jack’s & Tacky Jack’s 2
Picking a restaurant can be difficult. But, at this Gulf Shores favorite, you can sit by the land or get a table overlooking the water. At Tacky Jack’s 2 in Fort Morgan (just across from our condos), you can watch the sunset as you eat on the deck. They have Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day in the downstairs Jacks Bar. You’ll also have fun at karaoke each Thursday and Saturday starting at 8 p.m. After a late night, you can drive (or walk) to Tacky Jack’s 2 for a hearty breakfast and a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, or some Irish coffee.

Come Crash With Us

After your fun night on the town, you’re going to need a place to crash. That’s where we come in. Here at Sunset Properties, our beach houses and condos are the perfect vacation rental solution for your fun night out. Conveniently located, you’ll have no trouble at all getting to and from all the best nightlife and events. And, during the daytime, you’ll be just minutes from the beach! So, check out our available rentals and see for yourself the kind of quality comfort you can afford! Then, contact us to reserve your stay!

Where to Find the Best Sushi in Orange Beach

sushi in orange beach

Sometimes it can be quite a battle to find the best sushi during your vacation adventure. And, a true sushi lover shouldn’t have to settle for grocery store pre-packaged sushi. Sure, sushi is an acquired taste for some, but for others, it is the epitome of bite-sized bliss. So, where can you find the best sushi in Orange Beach? Let us be your guide!

Are you looking for the best restaurants or things to do during your adventure to Alabama’s Gulf Coast? Then, check out the recommended activities from Sunset Properties! Our recommendations will guide you to the best vacation you’ve ever had! We guarantee it!

Your Guide to the Best Sushi in Orange Beach

In Orange Beach, there’s plenty of great sushi selection, you may want to visit multiple sushi bars. It’s the perfect takeout to take with you to the beach! So, you’ll want to check out these spots during your visit!

Master Joe’s

One of the best-rated sushi joints in Orange Beach, Master Joe’s is a local favorite you need to try. Joe Ou combines his Japanese sushi training with American ingredients to craft some of the best sushi around. For Joe, sushi is artwork and not just a meal. The tantalizing rolls of sushi are a beauty to behold, both visually and with your taste buds. You’ll find American favorites like California rolls, spicy tuna, and more, Chef Joe also crafts authentic, Japanese-style sushi for the true sushi aficionado. Plus, Master Joe’s isn’t far from the beach!

Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar

This is the ideal location for the group that doesn’t all like sushi. Cosmo’s in Orange Beach offers a full sushi menu and a regular lunch menu fitted with soups, sandwiches, salads, seafood, and more! In terms of sushi, you’ll find primarily Americanized sushi but also a few authentic Japanese-style sushi offerings. Its bayside location on Alabama’s Coastal Connection means it’s easy to find!

Ronin Sushi and Steak

If you’re looking for a more upscale establishment, then Ronin Sushi and Steak is the place for you. Their signature small plate and delicious steak and fish will have your taste buds dancing. Only using the freshest ingredients, the chefs at Ronin craft some of the best sushi in the area. And, they’re conveniently located at The Wharf!

Sushi in Nearby Gulf Shores

Aji Sai

In nearby Gulf Shores, Aji Sai is crafting some of the best sushi in the area. They offer both dine-in and takeout and use only the freshest ingredients in their food. You’ll find both Chinese food and sushi here done in the traditional Chinese fashion. You’ll love their sushi and sashimi so much, you may want to come back before you go!

Mikato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

There’s something accessible for the whole family at Mikato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. The Gulf Shores establishment serves up its own takes on sushi but adheres to the Japanese tradition. This hip sushi joint also crafts fusion cuisine and creative cocktails.

Sushi is the Perfect Takeout for Your Beach Vacation

With your newfound knowledge of sushi in Orange Beach, you can rest assured that your beach vacation will be complete. But first, you’ve got to book your stay! That’s where we come in. Here at Sunset Properties, we have some of the best vacation rentals in all of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Whether you’re planning your vacation in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Fort Morgan, we have the perfect rental for you. So, when you’re ready to plan your Gulf getaway, contact us to reserve your stay! We are eager to help make your beach vacation the best one yet!

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Seafood Restaurants in Gulf Shores, Alabama


Seafood Restaurants in Gulf Shores Alabama

When you come to the sunny shores of the Gulf Coast of Alabama, the easy-going atmosphere will welcome you! The area is famous for its sugar-white beaches, beautiful sunsets, and amazing seafood. The seafood restaurants in Gulf Shores, Alabama are particularly delicious and worthy of your visit. But, where are the best places to try the local catch? You’re in luck! Here is our ultimate guide to the Gulf Shores seafood.

Are you looking for the best things to do in the Gulf Shores area? Then look no further than the things to do page from Sunset Properties! It’s full of great ideas to make the most out of your vacation, getaway, or get-together here in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Fort Morgan areas.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Bahama Bob’s

The seafood favorite that is Bahama Bob’s is a living testament to the mantra that, “The lower the latitude, the better the attitude!” The easy going environment perfectly complements the delicious seafood this joint offers up daily. Everything from wings to crab legs, and crawfish to coconut fried shrimp. At Bob’s, there’s something for everyone!

Desoto’s Seafood Kitchen

The award-winning restaurant is an Alabama family-favorite for many reasons! From their easy lunch menu to their exquisite dinner menu, you’ll find something delicious, guaranteed. Check out Cajun-style seafood dishes, New Orleans-inspired dishes, Mediterranean, Caribbean, or even Hawaiian rib eye. The seafood is to die for, using only the freshest daily catch from the Gulf.


It is as it sounds! Here you’ll find the best offerings of seafood and brews in the area. It’s the perfect, easy waterfront dining experience in Gulf Shores. Their great selection of gumbo, crab claws, steamed shrimp, salad bar, sandwiches, and fried seafood dinners will entice you to overeat!

Fish River Grill

The Fish River Grill claims to be the “original” seafood restaurant in Baldwin County, serving up authentic Southern takes on the freshest Gulf seafood. Their famous burgers will also tempt you. Try their Southern comfort take on seafood, oysters, catfish, frog legs, gator, and crawfish. You won’t regret it!

Original Oyster House

The Original Oyster House is a must if you’re looking for the best Gulf Shores seafood. Enjoy the panoramic waterfront setting, excellent service, and Southern hospitality. It’s the best place for hand-shucked, fire-grilled oysters. They also make delicious homemade gumbo, cheese grits, and blackened shrimp. You’ll also want to try their famous desserts, including peanut butter chocolate chip pie. Drooling yet?

Tacky Jack’s

The local favorite, Tacky Jack’s, has a diverse and delicious menu perfect for the whole family. Offering up tasty takes on breakfast, lunch, and dinner is their specialty. Try their “Tacky Shrimp,” Mexican Garbage nachos, and other unique dishes meant to excite your taste buds all while giving you a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget.

Just Minutes Away from the Best Place to Stay

When you come to the Gulf Shores of Alabama, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful views and fresh air that will rejuvenate you. You’ll also have the opportunity to try some of the best seafood in the country. You’ll need a beautiful place to stay to match the experience, so check out the luxurious vacation rentals Sunset Properties has available! We are eager to accommodate your every need, so contact us today to book!

Food Crawl on the Gulf Coast Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan offer more than just seafood

You might think that your only option for food in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan, Alabama, is seafood. And while seafood is delicious, and you probably do want to splurge on it while you’re at the beach and can get the freshest choices, the restaurant options in these Gulf Coast towns provide something for almost every taste. Take a virtual trip around the world as we show you some of the restaurants that represent a variety of cultures and tastes. You can satisfy your sweet tooth, grab a quick burger, fill up on Southern favorites, or splurge on a sushi dinner.

Of course we can’t leave off seafood – it’s a staple here at the beach! Tacky Jack’s 2 is a great pick shrimp_20pic_20107-122x79in Fort Morgan, and it’s just across the street from Sunset Properties. Along with a varied menu, Tacky Jack’s 2 will cook up the catch you bring in from the day’s fishing! Connected to the Gulf Shores Yacht Club & Marina, this local favorite promises to serve up fresh seafood. You can even sit outside, eat, and watch as the fishing boats head into shore for the day. The Original Oyster House has seafood and Cajun specialties (and an expansive salad bar), and DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen offers daily lunch specials starting at just $6. Other great seafood restaurants in the area include: Mikee’s Seafood, the Shrimp Basket, King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant, and Cosmo’s (in Orange Beach).

If you’re in the mood for tacos, burritos, chips and salsa, and your other Mexican favorites, try photo 1Tequila Mexican Restaurant, Cactus Flower Cafe, or El Toro Mexican Restaurant, all located along Gulf Shores Parkway.

Whether you want pizza, pasta, or calzones, Gulf Shores has a few great options. Stop by Papa’s Pizza or Crico’s Pizza & Subs on Gulf Shores Parkway, or head to The Wharf to try Villaggio Grille. Papa Rocco’s has pizza, oysters, and live music, and Old World Bakery offers dine in, carry out, and free delivery.

Located on Canal Road in Orange Beach, Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar is worth the drive for great sushi. Enjoy an outdoor bar, unique boutique shopping, and a dog-friendly atmosphere on the patios. Aji Sai Asian Cuisine also has a wide variety of rolls made fresh (located at The Pelican Place at Craft Farms).

Because they’re located on the Gulf Coast, restaurants in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan, AL offer the Southern classics. Dine on grits, cornbread, fried pickles, turnip greens, and all those other great Southern comfort foods at area eateries such as Original Oyster House, Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe, LuLu’s, and The Hangout.

If you can bring yourself to get out of bed and away from the beach early enough, there are several great breakfast spots in Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores. Just across the street, Tacky Jack’s 2 offers 20140225_102905mimosas, Bloody Marys, breakfast burritos, and more. Or you can head into Gulf Shores and get some coffee and treats at Cafe Beignet. Down the road in Orange Beach, Cobalt The Restaurant serves a breakfast buffet during spring and summer and a Sunday brunch year-round from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Seasonal Selections by the Sea

When you think Thanksgiving, you think of all your favorite holiday foods – turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, casserole, cornbread, dressing, collard greens, mac and cheese, pumpkin pie, and other holiday treats. And while you may think that seafood would be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner at the beach, several restaurants serve up delicious and traditional Thanksgiving meals! All of these restaurants are just a short drive from beautiful and relaxing Fort Morgan, offering all your favorite foods. Of course, you can still get delicious local seafood on Thanksgiving as well. So whether you’re craving turkey or shrimp, check out our picks for some of the best Thanksgiving dinners near Fort Morgan.

Bahama Bob’s Beachside Cafe
601 West Beach Blvd
Gulf Shores
Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and sides, along with Bahama Bob’s regular seafood menu!

Bubba’s Seafood House
24621 Perdido Beach Blvd
Gulf Shores
Fill up on Cajun fried turkey, sides, and Bubba’s Seafood House’s regular menu.

The Hangout
101 East Beach Blvd
Gulf Shores
Serving up a traditional Thanksgiving buffet with all your favorite fixings, The Hangout will feature roast turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted prime rib, cornbread dressing, collard greens, carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, Cajun rice pilaf, mac and cheese, rolls, salad, and dessert! Make reservations now!
Adults: $24.99
Kids: $12.99
Under 6: FREE

Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina
27075 Marina Road
Orange Beach
Sit down for a traditional Thanksgiving Day buffet upstairs at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. There will be limited walk-in seating, so reservations are suggested. The menu boasts brined turkey roast, ham, roasted shallot mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, pancetta mac and cheese, smothered local collard greens, oysters and corn bread dressing, mixed local greens, green bean casserole, sausage dressing, gravy, and a huge variety of delicious desserts!
Adults: $45
Kids (4-12): $16

Cobalt the Restaurant
28099 Perdido Beach Blvd
Orange Beach
Open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Cobalt the Restaurant will be offering a traditional Thanksgiving buffet with all your holiday favorites! Make your reservations now!

If you’d rather prepare your own Thanksgiving dinner at the beach, our condos and beach houses have kitchens to accommodate you and your family. Just stop by the store on the way into town and pick up all the ingredients you need. Then head to the condo or beach house and start preparing a family meal to remember. Enjoy the meal around the dining table or step out onto the deck to enjoy the views. It is sure to be a Thanksgiving to remember!