Sassy Bass, A Fantastic Fort Morgan Resturant!

Working and living in Fort Morgan, Alabama there are few restaurant options for us to enjoy on those don’t want to cook days.  Just this year we got a brand new option.  Sassy Bass is a Cajun inspired Seafood restaurant.  This restaurant took the place of the long lived Tequila’s Mexican restaurant.

Sassy Bass is colorful in decor and atmosphere. The friendly staff is working hard to make locals feel at home in their vacationer friendly place.  Large tables for big families and groups cover one end of the restaurant while a place for local musicians and weekly jam sessions are just at the other end of the bar.   I mentioned there menu has a Cajun inspiration.  This does not mean everything is spicy, it full of flavor and there are some great sauces and wonderful smoked and bar-b-que dishes that will take us back again and again.  One of my new favorites is Fishin’ Dip at Sassy Bass.  This is served as an appetizer but could easily be a meal for one or for a couple if you add a salad. I shared it with Alex and my husband and it is wonderful.

Fishin’ Dip is a smoked fish with a wonderful creamy sauce served with crackers.  The dip has to be smoke with pork because it absolutely has that smoked pork flavor that cannot be mistaken.

We ordered a variety menu items.  I ordered the Sassy Grill, A huge portion of grilled white fish, with a sweet chili sauce, served with scalloped potatoes, and corn off the cob sautéed, and a side salad.  The meal was absolutely wonderful everything was cooked exceptionally.  The meal was enough for two easily.  I took home a box of leftovers.  My husband had a Butcher Shop Burger with bacon and cheese and tons of French fries.    He loved it and he also said it was more than he should have should have eaten but it was so good he didn’t want to stop.  Alex had Pulled Pork Quesadillas also with a side of fries.  She said it was her new favorite.

As you can see they have a huge variety of food choices and some lovely drinks, and desserts.  I am looking forward to going back during one of their Jam sessions and enjoying music by local artists.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy a great new restaurant in the area.  Tell them the staff at Sunset Properties sent you.   See you soon!!!!




Tacky Jack’s 2 Fun and Food Where They Treat You Like A Local

I have to say I went in to this blog with hesitation.  We are beginning to visit our local restaurants and give you a review of the local fare.  My past experience with our closest local restaurant had been far from stellar.  So, I simply stopped going.  It had been almost 3 year since I had stepped through the doors of Tacky Jack’s 2 and I thought it was time to give it another try. Tacky Jack's Kiss the Fish

Alex and I gave them a call and set up lunch with Richard and the staff.  As we walked up the colorful stairs and heading to the little indoor dining room, I had fond memories flash in my head of a Sunset on the outdoor deck when it was brand new.  Alex and were greeted at the door by Christie and Mel with smiling faces letting us know we could sit any where we wanted.

We grabbed a seat near the bar and were joined by Richard the manager and took a look at the menu.  Not too much had changed since I had been in last.  It is still a colorful place with friendly staff and very casual dining.  The menu is simple burger and seafood.  Some of the favorites on the menu are Crab Claws or Mexican Garbage for an appetizer.  You can get those crab claws steamed or fried, both are wonderful!  Beware the Mexican Garbage is big enough for a crowd.  If it’s just two of you this could be your entire meal.  We chose to have some gumbo as it is also a favorite on the menu and a side salad.  The gumbo is tomato based and has a great flavor with plenty of little shrimp for the seafood lover.  The salad was simply a little garden salad with tomatoes and croutons; you get your choice of dressings.  Either is a great addition to your meal especially if you are extra hungry. Tacky Jack's Inside

For our lunch we tried to cover the spectrum, Alex is not a seafood eater and I am so I had fish tacos with Chips and salsa, and Alex had a Bacon Cheese Burger with fries.  The food was out very quickly but while we waited we chatted with Richard, and we talked about this past summer.  He said they had record crowds and a great summer over all.  Their goal is to make each hungry person happy and full before they leave.  He said with the small indoor space this can be a little tricky because they simply cannot seat everyone in the cool Air conditioned comfort of the restaurant.  He was so glad they added the outdoor dining area, which is nice to sit out and enjoy the sunset.  But in the heat of the summer it is just hot sometimes.  After being on the beach all day people are not always super excited about eating in the heat.  Once they get their yummy food everyone seems to settle in to the cool breeze on the deck and enjoy the view. Tacky Jack's Salad and Gumbo

Our food arrived about that time and everything looked great and smelled wonderful.  Alex’s bacon cheese burger was beautiful and I was a bit jealous.  But them my tacos showed up.  The tacos and chips and salsa were a fantastic portion and were cooked perfect.  I chose to have the fish blackened, but you can have it grilled or fired.  My only complaint was the salsa wasn’t spicy enough for me, but I LOVE SPICY!  Alex’s burger was huge; we could have split it and had plenty of food.  Truthfully, we could have split my tacos as well and I did share taco’s, gumbo and dessert with my husband!!! Tacky Jacks Bacon Cheese burger

While we ate we talked about Tacky Jacks down below.  There is a fantastic little beach bar that opens at 3 each day.  They’ll make any drink you request but we highly recommend you try the Bushwacker.  It is a local favorite and we think you’ll love it especially on those hot summer afternoons.  Year around there is the funniest Karaoke you will find anywhere.  The locals will entertain you and the vacationers will amaze you with their singing abilities.   Be sure to take an evening and join the fun.

Tacky Jack's Fish Taco'sWe finished off our meal with yummy desserts, Alex had Peanut Butter Pie, and I enjoyed Key Lime Pie.  Both are wonderful and certainly meet that sweet craving if you have room for dessert.  There is also the choice of a brownie pie is chocolate is more your thing.

Don’t miss out on breakfast at Tacky Jacks 2.  The Farmers Omelet is big enough to feed two at least and maybe three.  The waffles are my favorite!  This is the perfect place to stop and get a last beautiful view before you go.  They open at 8 AM and breakfast is until 10:30.  Tacky Jacks Key Lime Pie

I am happy to send vacationers over to Tacky Jacks 2 for a meal and to enjoy a fun time at the bar.  I have no doubt they will be treated like the local family and have some great food and have a fun time!  Be sure to stop by when if you get a chance and don’t for get to enjoy the UNBEATABLE sunset view from the patio dining area.






Stacey’s Drug — Get Some Relief From The Heat

You have spent a few days at the beach getting lots of sun.  Despite all of your best sunscreen applications you and your family are sure to have some bright red patches of sunburn.  Don’t worry it happens to everyone!  You decide that maybe you need a break from the sun today!  So you head to town to do a little souvenir or outlet shopping.  We wnat to encourage you to head to Foley.  It has several great spots to visit one of them is Stacey’s Drug store.

This classic Drug store with a  old time soda fountain, the local teenagers can make anything from ice cream cones to egg creams, and malts.  This place is such a treasure and a lot of fun for you and your family.  They serve a variety of sandwiches as well.  There is a model train that makes its way around the top of the drug store all day.  Oh and all sorts of model planes swoop and soar above you. You and your family can grab a seat at the cute little tables or sit right up at the counter and watch them make all of the tempting creations.  Not only is the food yummy, the atmosphere is classic and so fun, the prices are from another era as well.  Just keep in mind this is a daytime activity and bring your sweet tooth!

I recently took a trip with my husband to Stacey’s and we enjoyed a double cone each for only $4 total!  What a deal, right!  Don’t miss the world famous Keylime Pie Milk Shake, and the coffe for 25 cents.  Check out the video for our trip and be sure to stop by with your family and make some fun memories. This is a don’t miss, low cost fun for your entire group.

Fresh Market Seafood

So you are at the beach and love to cook!  You don’t mind eating out but you can cook seafood as good or better than any restaurant so where do you go to get your fresh seafood???  Fresh Market Seafood is a family seafood business owned and operated by the Wallace Family. The Wallace family is one of the oldest families in the area. It was the Wallace’s who founded the Lagoon fishing village in 1861 located just a few miles from the market. The Wallace’s have been local area fishermen and shrimpers for generations. Owner, Hal Wallace, his Father, Johnny and several cousins catch the bulk of the shrimp sold at Fresh Market Seafood. Our Seafood is hand selected, and only the best quality is sold in the market.

Fresh Fish

Be sure to check out their website to get current pricing on seafood and what is in season right now. They carry everything from Popcorn to Royal Red’s in shrimp, there is always a variety of seasonal fish, Crabs whole, claws, or lump meat,  Oysters, and lots of other treats  and don’t miss the gumbo, it is the best in the area!!!  Fresh Market now has three locations.  The original on Hwy 59 on your way to the beach on the west side at the corner of County Road 10.  The second location on Ft. Morgan Rd. between the Chevron and Ocean’s restaurant.  The newest location is in Orange Beach!  Give them a call to find out which location is closest to you 251-955-5550.

Fresh Shrimp


Fresh Market also has everything you need to prepare for your next fishing trip.  If you need bait, poles, tackle, something to entertain the kiddos, or the spices to cook your catch Fresh Market is your place.

Fishing Poles

They cater as well.  if you like your seafood cooked when you get it or you have a party to feed.  Call them ahead and they will have your order ready for you!  Get ready for some yummy seafood!


39th Annual Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival Oct. 7-10

Fall is officially here!!!!! We have some great happenings at the beach this fall, including the 39th Annual National Shrimp Festival.  This year it is the weekend of October 7th thru Sunday the 10th.  If you have never been here for the Shrimp Festival, it is certainly an event not to miss.  Great food, that ranges from seafood to typical fair food, that brings back memories of those childhood visits to the state fair. 

 The food is not the only reason to attend however, there are great vendors and you can purchase beach inspired clothes, jewelery, and artwork of any scale!  Some of my favorite pieces are the giant metal sculptures of life size sea creatures, and the resin cartoonish ones that bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Don’t forget about the musical performances each day you have choices of two different stages to listen to music continously through out the festival.  The kids are not left out at shrimp festival.  There is a family friendly sand sculpture contest, and a Children Activity Village, for your little ones to create their own masterpiece!  A Chef’s Challenge is something you don’t want to miss as the top five finalists consists of some of the best chef’s in our area showcasing their talents in the kitchen to create new dining delights for visitors to our area. 

We have some great specials for you come for a couple of days or a long weekend to enjoy the fun and events of Shrimp Festival, and then the piece and quiet of Ft. Morgan, only 20 minutes from the festival shuttles!  Prices start as low as $199.00 for 2 nights!  Give us a call today!!!!

Ocean’s Resturant opening soon….

I mentioned not long ago that our favorite pizza place in Ft. Morgan is opening a restaurant.  Ocean’s will be opening in January, the tentative date is the 4th!  We are so excited that our friends dream is finally happening.  I stopped by the restaurant yesterday to see how things were progressing at the restaurant.  Our friends and Becky our Office Manager were finalizing the menu and doing some final touches to the interior. 

The warm coral colors and large fish tank screen set the tone for this family restaurant that boasts local seafood, and hand cut steaks and all sorts of savory sides and tempting desserts.  For those of you who are coffee connoisseurs they will have an outstanding variety of speciality coffees.  Ocean’s also boasts a fun  bartender with lots of experience, award winning Chef and live music. 

The schedule is not completely set as of yet but they did want me to tell you about some of the specials.  Starting this winter Monday is Prime Rib Night!     Brent Burns will be entertaining Tuesday nights when Ocean’s will be serving “All You Can Eat Shrimp.”  Bring your condo key for a Free,  Fried Pickle Appetizer when you show your Sunset Properties key tag.  We will be sure to tell you about the current specials as they come along.   Don’t miss this great new addition to our dining choices in the Fort Morgan Area.

The Best Pizza in Ft. Morgan

Imagine it you get in after a long day of traveling to your beach vacation.  everyone is tired and hungry and the last thing you want to do is go to the store 20 minutes away and then come back and cook.  Pizza would be perfect but you are staying at the end of the world, in Ft. Morgan!!! Don’t worry there is amazing pizza just minutes away and they will deliver!!!  Call Ocean’s Pizza, 540-star, from your local phone.  The pizza is hand made with the best ingredients. 

 Oceans, takes pride in their pizza creations and they truly are artists at baking them.  All pizzas are made with hand tossed crusts, and they have a huge variety of toppings.  Everyone will find something they love from vegertiarians to meat lovers.  The pasta meals are enough to feed a small family and just as wonderful as the pizzas.  Great salad choices,  yummy appetizers, and hot sandwiches should be sampled too.  The bacon wrapped sea scapllops are a local favorite, along with the laguna pizza, or Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.  Save room for dessert too, Cheese cake and Key Lime Pie are always on the menu.

  I personally have heard countless people say “this is the best pizza I have ever had, or I would have skipped the grocery store if I had known about this at the beginning of the week.”  As a rental company we take it it very seriously when people thank us for telling them about the Pizza Place.  Don’t miss out on Oceans Pizza while you are visiting Ft. Morgan!!!