Sustainable Tourism on the Gulf Coast


Sustainable tourism, also referred to as responsible tourism and ecotourism, is a big deal here on the Alabama Gulf Coast and vacation destinations around the world. Sustainable tourism is all about vacationing in a way that minimizes negative impact on the local environment, economy, and society in general. While that might sound boring, sustainable tourism actually makes your vacation much more fun and enjoyable! Here’s what sustainable tourism might mean for your trip:

  • Keeping the beaches free of waste means more room for sandcastles!
  • Using the proper porch lights allows freshly hatched sea turtles to find their way to the sea!
  • Recycling your metal, glass, and paper keeps the local environment clean and ready for your next visit!

Sunset Properties is dedicated to providing memorable Gulf Coast vacation experiences for our guests for years to come, which is why it’s so important that we do our part to advocate for responsible tourism. Learn more about our sustainable tourism initiatives below, or start planning your trip to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Fort Morgan today!

Recycling Info

Orange Beach has designated spots for trash recycle, and the recycle pickups are divided into 2 zones. Each zone has one pickup every other Wednesday.

Please check the Orange Beach Recycling page (Here)  to see your zone and schedule pickup day.

Leave Only Footprints

Each of us is responsible for protecting and preserving our beach, and the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach strive to provide a safe, clean, family-friendly environment for everyone visiting. To help you do your part, here are some tips for enjoying our coast responsibly, along with some rules, regulations and resources. 

  • Any structures or equipment left on the beach an hour after sunset will be removed and disposed of by beach patrol.
  • Individual lodging properties and land owners may allow tents and shelters in designated areas during the day.
  • These items are not allowed on our beaches:
    •  Glass containers - Fireworks - Metal shovels - Excessive digging - Loud Music - Litter - Fires - Large Tents or structures - Pets - Overnight camping - Vehicles 
  • Staying off the dunes will help us to preserve our dune system and the habitat it provides. Use beach walkovers and boardwalks where provided.
  • Observe and obey the Beach Warning Flag System.
  • Be respectful of private property beyond the bounds of your lodging property.

Beach Safe Campaign

Gulf waters can be very dangerous. Although we’ve put several measures in place to help you stay safe, ultimately, it’s up to you to stay informed and understand the danger. We want the vacation memories you take home to be happy ones.



  • Text “ALBEACHES” to “888777”
  • Text “STOP” to opt out of notifications upon your departure


  • Yellow: Moderate surf and/or currents
  • Purple: Dangerous marine life
  • Red: High surf and/or strong currents
  • Double Red: Water closed to the public

For more information about the Safe Campaign Click Here

Share the Beach

All sea turtle species are struggling to survive a multitude of threats in today’s environment, but tragic events like this are made more palpable because they are preventable.

Here are some ways that you could help the Sea Turtles:

  • Never disturb a sea turtle nest. If you suspect you’ve found an unmarked nest, report it by calling 866-732-8878.
  • During a boil, do not touch hatchlings. Only trained Share the Beach volunteers are permitted to guide or assist hatchlings while wearing protective gloves.
  • Bring your camera! Watching a boil is a rare opportunity. Don’t forget to snap plenty of photos and take video, too. However, do not use flash photography on the beach at night. 
  • Avoid using flashlights on the beach after dark. Sea turtles are attracted to the light and become disoriented while being guided by the moonlight or starlight.
  • Remove all beach gear and trash from the beach each night. Sea turtles can become entangled. Nesting turtles will return to the Gulf without laying eggs if they meet obstacles on the beach.
  • Do not dig large holes in the sand. If you find holes, help by refilling them. Not only can sea turtles become trapped, but holes are also dangerous for the people who walk along the beaches.


Rentals to Benefit Historical Fort Morgan

Sunset Properties donates $1 from every reservation made in the Fort Morgan area to the historical Fort Morgan.

The Fort Morgan was built between 1819 and 1833, it has played a significant role in several military conflicts during the United States history. Located at the tip of the peninsula, the historic fort is a great stop for history buffs and military enthusiasts. The site also regularly hosts events throughout the year including demonstrations and military tributes.

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Items Left Behind

If you leave something behind we will do our best to return it to you! There is a minimum fee of $25 to cover the cost of mailing it back to you. If an item is not claimed in 30 days, it is donated to a local church's thrift shop.






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