Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 06/26/10

Good afternoon everyone.  It is a stormy day in Ft. Morgan keeping everyone off of the beach.  With the southeasterly wind we are still having an impact from the oil leak.  We are see lot of seaweed and some tar balls wash in.  We see have clean up equipment ready for the worker to get back to work just as soon as the weather clears up.       06/28/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update from Sunset Properties

We still have a few Jimmy Buffet tickets left give us a call for detail!  See you soon…

06/25/10 Ft. Morgan Oil leak update

Good Morning Friends!  It is another really hot day in Ft. Morgan.  Our beach has some dime size tar balls and a little bit of debris this morning.  We have absolutely no smell and we expect the army of clean up crews to come through and get everything cleaned up any moment!  Their are lots of folks enjoying the beach and even a few getting the water this morning.        06/25/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Up date from Sunset Properties

Don’t forget we have Jimmy Buffett tickets available for new rentals!  Give us a call for details.  We hope to see you soon!

06/23/10 Ft. Morgan Oil leak Update from Sunset Properties

Good afternoon everyone!  It is another beautiful beach day.  There is a cool breeze and big waves today.  The water is still beautifully clear, and a few folks are enjoying the water, despite the ban on swimming.  People can’t seem to resist getting in the beautiful water.
06/23/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update from Sunset Properties
We wanted to let you know if you are considering coming down for July 1st we have a very limited number of Jimmy buffet tickets that we can offer with a rental for that long weekend.  Like I said we have a VERY limited number so when they are gone they are gone!  We hope to see y’all soon.

06/21/10 Ft. Morgan oil Leak update, from Tara at Sunset Properties

Good Afternoon Everyone!  It is another beautiful day in Paradise.  Crystal clear water lots of swimmers, you can see the fish swim by.  People are fishing and releasing their surprisingly large catches, and having a blast.  I have seen people snorkeling for shells, splashing in the waves and, playing frisbee, and football in and out of the water.  Everyone I have spoken to is thrilled with how beautiful everything has been and continues to be.  I wish we could send you a paradise to enjoy!  No oil, no tar, no smell, hurry up and join us! 06/21/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from the Dunes Community at Ft. Morgan

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 06/20/10

I am still not a 100% in the voice department, so Karen and the University of Alabama Summertide Theatre group did our update today!  The Summertide performers stay with us each summer and put on daily shows each evening at 8 pm.  These musicals are wonderful and we are so honored to host these talented young men and women.  If you have a chance while you are here catch this years show, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”!  I laughed until my face hurt, it was such a wonderful show… 

From what I understand because of the north winds we had all night causing cooler temperatures today.  The beach is basically perfect!!!!  The water is a beautiful turquoise, no smell in the air and a breeze from the north!  We hope to see you soon. 06/20/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update, from Sunset Properties with U. of AL Summertide Group

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 06/19/10

Good afternoon everyone.  It is another HOT, beautiful, breeze less day in Ft. Morgan.  The beaches are sugary white and the water is still see to the bottom clear.  We have no smell beyond salt water and sunscreen at our beach toady.  We wanted to thank the Skelton family for allowing us to film as the paddled around in the water.  Thanks guys have a great trip!!!  We have some great news be sure to check out the video for the update!  Hope to see you soon…  06/19/10 Oil Leak Update for The Dunes Community at Ft. Morgan from Sunset Properties

06/18/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a hot and humid day at the beach and it looks like we may get a little rain a bit later.  The wind has picked up today making everything more pleasent at the water.  We have no smell and the water is still beautifully clear.  Some long time guests Lindsey and Ryan wanted to share some of their vacation experience with us.  They are having a great time and so is everyone else I have run into this week.  We hope to see you soon.   06/18/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties

06/17/10 Ft. Morgan oil Leak update from the Dunes Beach

Good morning everyone! Sorry about yesterday.  I took the day off and the office was really busy and unable to make a video in my place.  I am back to day and things are just as lovely as when I left.  I spent a lot of time on the beach this morning talking to different families and people who are here.  everyone I spoke to is having a great time still the only thing they would change is a little bit of breeze because it is so warm.   
06/17/10 Ft. Morgan oil leak update by Sunset Properties from The Dunes Beach
The water is amazingly clear, I was able to see fish and seashells in the water from the shore.  the water has been so calm people are floating on rafts and getting great tans!  The kids are running through the water scooping up whatever creatures they see and taking a closer look. 

There is a clean up crew on the beach this morning.  They cleaned up some debris that was found with oil on it.  It was mostly seaweed and the larger seaweed plants that typically wash up this time of year.  The beach is beautiful, and there is absolutely no smell today.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!