06/17/10 Ft. Morgan oil Leak update from the Dunes Beach

Good morning everyone! Sorry about yesterday.  I took the day off and the office was really busy and unable to make a video in my place.  I am back to day and things are just as lovely as when I left.  I spent a lot of time on the beach this morning talking to different families and people who are here.  everyone I spoke to is having a great time still the only thing they would change is a little bit of breeze because it is so warm.   
06/17/10 Ft. Morgan oil leak update by Sunset Properties from The Dunes Beach
The water is amazingly clear, I was able to see fish and seashells in the water from the shore.  the water has been so calm people are floating on rafts and getting great tans!  The kids are running through the water scooping up whatever creatures they see and taking a closer look. 

There is a clean up crew on the beach this morning.  They cleaned up some debris that was found with oil on it.  It was mostly seaweed and the larger seaweed plants that typically wash up this time of year.  The beach is beautiful, and there is absolutely no smell today.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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