Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 06/20/10

I am still not a 100% in the voice department, so Karen and the University of Alabama Summertide Theatre group did our update today!  The Summertide performers stay with us each summer and put on daily shows each evening at 8 pm.  These musicals are wonderful and we are so honored to host these talented young men and women.  If you have a chance while you are here catch this years show, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”!  I laughed until my face hurt, it was such a wonderful show… 

From what I understand because of the north winds we had all night causing cooler temperatures today.  The beach is basically perfect!!!!  The water is a beautiful turquoise, no smell in the air and a breeze from the north!  We hope to see you soon. 06/20/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update, from Sunset Properties with U. of AL Summertide Group

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