Dolphin Watching

As I have said many times before we live and work in an amazing place, Ft. Morgan! It is wonderful for many reasons but the one I want to talk about today is Dolphin. Just step out on your balcony or take a walk down to the beach and you are practically guaranteed to spot one if not a whole pod playing, fishing or just swimming by. We have great views from our condos and houses so you can definitely sit at peak times, in the morning and evening, when all manner of fish and sea life are out feeding, and enjoy the dolphin. You can enjoy a view of them in the gulf from your balcony or in the bay from the front of the buildings or on a boat.

Also, there are many local charter captains who will take you for an adventure with these amazing creatures. Be sure to take time to stop and watch the dolphin while you are here!!!

Damage Fees…How to avoid them!

It’s pretty basic knowledge but let me give you a few helpful hints on how not to be charged damage fees while on vacation. Just a few things I have learned over the past couple of years working for owners and an amazing rental company at the beach.

10. Put breakables up high, out of the reach or bumps of little children. Just don’t forget to put things back the way you found them so you will not be charged for items housekeeping believes are missing.

9. If you don’t know how to use something ( like an elevator or appliance ) Ask!!!!! It costs nothing to ask how to use something and a lot to fix or replace it.

8. It is true honesty is the best policy. If you happen to damage or break something, be honest about it!!!! Just tell the owner or rental agency, they expect some things to be damaged throughout the year and appreciate your honesty. They may not even charge you if you come clean and admit you accidentally broke it.

7. Look through your room when you arrive! Document anything damaged or broken and let the owner or rental company know immediately. They will not charge you for damage that you find when you immediately arrive. However, they may if you don’t tell them, so be sure to do walk through.

6. Instant tanner, and tanning lotion TANS EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Including sheet, and towels. Just get a tan while you are on vacation, or put this on before you come on vacation. This also goes for HAIR DYE!

5. Don’t try to fix it yourself! No matter if it is a stuck disposal, broken blinds, or a remote that is not working . Call the person who rented you the unit & they will have a maintenance person to fix that problem.

4. Don’t take things from the condo out to the beach. Sand, salt air, and suntan oil damages everything from fabrics to metal items. Bring your own beach towels, and leave the owner ‘ s things in the condo.

3. If you bring your pet, make sure they are allowed. A pet fee is much cheaper than a damage fee, and sometimes they are refundable.

2. Elevators and beds are not trampolines! Jumping on a bed or in an elevator can cause serious damage – sometimes even thousands of dollars worth of damage. Just a note, most elevators have hidden cameras too, so be on your best behavior!

1. The most important suggestion I can give is treat your beach rental like your own or better. If you do this the rental company will love you and may even make special deals for you to come back every year, because you were such a great renter!!

Have fun on vacation!!!!!!

Dogs at the Beach!!!

I have a great job!!!! I get to come to the beach to work! I also have the added perks of working with my family who keep me laughing and who I have adventures with all the time. Another added perk of the job is that I work at one of the few beaches in the area that allows dogs on the beach, and in some of the houses, and condos. It is always fun to see our fuzzy four legged friends having adventures on the beach with their owners. I have seen dogs so excited to be at the beach they couldn’t keep still the closest comparison is a really excited 3 year old. Their whole bodies wag not just the tail. Most of the dogs like the sand and the water. They have plenty of room to run and there is always something to investigate on the beach, weather it is a piece of drift wood to carry, or a crab to do battle with, adventures abound.

A few winters ago was my first one here with our winter guests and many of them with their dogs. I would have daily visits from my four legged buddies coming by for a treat. Sometimes there were more dogs in the office than people which is always fun. I will be sure to post more pictures of my doggy friends as soon as they get here this winter.