The Dunes Beach First Sea Turtle Nest!

Turtle season is well under way!  We are thrilled to announce the first nest on our beach.  I was getting ready for work when I received a phone call from Jackie Issacs the Wildlife  Biologist from the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge.  She was invited me down to help and was gracious enough to let me make a little video.  This is a quick video of what a sea turtle nest  looks like and the processes it takes to move it to a safe place on the beach.  Watch our video and we hope to see you soon.  In 55 days the will be ready to hatch!  You can keep tabs on this nest and all the others on Alabama’s gulf coast at .  Hope this is a great start to your summer!

May in Pictures from Sunset Properties!

We wanted to share the happenings this past May in a different way! We hope you enjoy these photos! See you soon…

Fishing at Sunset
Fishing at Sunset
Sterling at Lego land
Sterling at Lego land
Marietta's Party
Marietta's Party
Manta Rays migrating down The Dunes beach
Manta Rays migrating down The Dunes beach
Lauren And Tyler
Sterling and Mickey
Sterling and Mickey
Becky and Tony  at Graduation
Becky at Tony's Graduation
Some of the biggest fish caught we've seen in some time
Some of the biggest fish caught we've seen in some time. Thanks Kendall!
Jim showed us one of the beautiful benefits of fishing
Jim showed us one of the beautiful benefits of fishing
Tara and Teresa at The Hangout Music Festival
Tara and Teresa at The Hangout Music Festival


Tara at The Hangout Music Festival

How to have the perfect Beach Vacation

You can’t plan for everything and often times the unplanned things are what turn vacations into memories that last a lifetime.  So of my favorite beach memories are when things went a little wrong.  As I child instead of catching fish I caught a fire worm!

Fire worm
Fire worm not at all what we wanted to catch.

This is not at all what we wanted to catch but it is the one of the most fun memories I have fishing.  It still makes me love fishing.  Not for the fight of it but for the beauty of what will come out of the water.  It is always an adventure.

Then I think about the time I got sunburned so badly and the wind was blowing really hard so we got sand blasted too.  But the water was perfectly clear and we could pick up huge shells we could see rightbelow us.  It is always the crazy things that give you the best laughs or most vivid memories when you look back.

Do it all even the cheesy stuff!
do it all even the cheesy stuff!

So how do you have the best most perfect vacation.  My suggestions are do some planning but roll with the wacky unplanned things as well.

1. Plan an adventure or two.

2.  Try some new or differnet  food

3.  Learn a little history

4.  Be Brave, try something new don’t let fear hold you back from an amazing adventure!

5.  Don’t count out the cheesy stuff  The cheesy goofy tourist stuff is popular for a reason!

6.  Also don’t count out the simple stuff.  sometimes a day in the sun listening to the waves or just a walk on the beach is just what you need.

7.  Mostly comfy shoes, and comfy clothes.  ! night out in fancy clothes and uncomfortable shoes.

8.  Family time is always a plus!  Get as much as you can.  Cook together, play together,  adventure together!

Treasure the family time
treasure the family time

9.  Rest!  It is no fun to come back from vacation tired and in need of  another vacation.

10.  Take some pictures and let everyone tell you their favorite parts of each day.  Don’t forget to write it down.

Most importantly,  if things don’t always go as plan try not to loose your cool.  You are here to have fun.  It is never fun for kids to see their parents yelling nor is it a great example to embarrass or belittle the person you are dealing with.   Get to the beach make some memories!  We’ll see you soon!

How To Live In Ft. Morgan

At least once a week, someone tells me they are hoping to move to this area.  They love the Country at the Beach!  It is one of their life goals to live here!  There are a few things to consider, however, before you make the move.  Ideas that you must embrace and make your own to really be a part of the Ft. Morgan Community.

First, you must really like sand!  It gets everywhere, on everything, and is just simply everywhere.  You must truly think of sand as your friend.  It has created your beautiful beach and without it things just wouldn’t be the same in your favorite place to walk, fish, swim, relax and play.  So say it with me.  I love SAND!  Just keep repeating that.  Okay, now that you have that simple basic truth down, you have let go of the idea that your new home will be immaculate and sand free,  you are well on your way to embracing the relaxed lifestyle of island life.  I’m  not saying embrace filth!  I’m saying that it is not an end of the world crisis if a little sand is around.

Take a deep breath, that first one is really the hardest one!  Okay now look at your cell phone, tablet, maybe even laptop.  Hug your wireless device.  Pay lots of attention to it.  Spend all the time you could possibly want with your wireless device where you live now!  Once you get to Ft. Morgan they will be used less, and at times useless!  Not to mention in constant harms way.  With water all around and sand everwhere, these things tend to have a short life here.  If fact people have so much fun without them (once they are used to the idea they don’t work well) that they forget them.  I mail back or have people turn more cell phones into lost and found each year.

Slow Down enjoy the sunset
Slow down enjoy the sunset

The real trick to living here is taking everything in stride!  Remember all things happen for  reason.  If it rains one day at the beach, you notice the locals love it!  That’s because it doesn’t happen often and we know how much our area needs it.  The wind blows so hard you feel sand blasted and that’s ok!  This is one of the natural ways the beach is cleaned.  There is seaweed everywhere on the beach and now its down your swim suit because you wanted to swim.  The seaweed is important to our local sea creatures, it acts a nursery to our beaches, and it helps build our protective sand dunes when it washes on shore.

Are you seeing a theme here???  Start enjoying the things around you and let go of the things that are a part of the modern world.  In this place of remote beauty we hold on tightly to our natural world and history and don’t take much else really seriously!  We use our precious time to enjoy family, friends,  sunsets, food, fishing and fun.  If this still sounds good to you, pack your bags!  Bring your necessities and don’t forget your comfy clothes and shoes!  We’ll see you soon.

Here Come The Turtles!!!

Sea Turtle season stated yesterday and the very first patrol got to see a mother turtle preparing her nest and laying eggs.  Witnessing a mother sea turtle lay a nest is a once in a lifetime event.  Yesterday, the very first nest of the year was a Kemp’s Ridley Turtle.  This turtle is very rare to our area.  Tyically only one or two a year are all that we see.  This turtle is unusual because it lays its eggs during the day.

Mama turtle is heading home
Mama turtle is heading home

  This is a very vulnerable time for a mother turtle because during the daylight hours predators can see her dark body against the light sand in our area.  Most predators will leave her alone but they will go after her unprotected eggs once she heads back to the water.  This is why she buries them.  In fact she buries these ping pong ball like eggs so well often you can even tell she has been there.  The only tell tale sign is her flipper and body marks she left as she came out of the water and returned to it.  These marks are called a crawl.  This is what the volunteers from the share the beach program look for when doing morning patrols.

Once these nests are fond by the patrol they are dug up to make sure we know the exact placement of the eggs.  Once they are found if they are not too close to the water they are recovered and marked so that they are not trampled by visitors to the beach.  You will see them surrounded by 4 stakes and brightly colored ribbon arond with signs telling about the federally protected animal. 

After about 55 days the turtles are ready to hatch out of their leathery shells.  Once they are out they head to the surface of the nest whichs the beach. They take a brief rest on the beach they like little soliders they march often in line to the water just as quickly as they can.  The Kemps Ridley babies hatch during the day as well which makes them vulnrable as they make their way to the water.  Once in the water the babies look like they are flying.  They swim to the nearest seaweed bed to eat and grow for a few years.

We cannot always post when a nest is found however the Bon Scour refuge does keep trackof them and they have a site dedicated to Alabama Sea Turtles.  You can keep track of nests you may have seen on vacation.  You can also learn all sorts of information on this site about sea turtles.  Hopefully you and your family will have a chance to witness this once in a life time happening!

Bands, Barks, and Brews!

Bring your favorite pooch and join us the last Sunday of each month this Summer and celebrate a day with the family! Live entertainment, food and an event centered on regional craft beers all included in a great family event. Bring your friendly dog on a leash and enjoy socializing with other dog lovers. Leash-free area and dog activities abound. Event benefits the Humane Society of Baldwin County.

All Proceeds go to Barc

Come for a long weekend and enjoy some great time on the beach with your dog.  Then go for a little doggy social time at The Wharf!  Check out the video of this past Bands, Barks & Brew.  Ginny Lane Bar & Grill sponsers Bands, Barks & Brews featuring different live local bands each month. Bring your friendly dog on leash and enjoy the afternoon listening to great music and socializing with Fido and Rover. Activities include a leash-free area, weiner dog races, pet exhibits, local art sale, food, and of course, beer.
*Friendly dogs only please. Leashes are required when not in designated free-leash area.

We hope to see you there for this family friendly, low cost fun outing for pets and there people!  Don’t forget this money helps the entire beach community with keeping our local animals safe and

Stacey’s Drug — Get Some Relief From The Heat

You have spent a few days at the beach getting lots of sun.  Despite all of your best sunscreen applications you and your family are sure to have some bright red patches of sunburn.  Don’t worry it happens to everyone!  You decide that maybe you need a break from the sun today!  So you head to town to do a little souvenir or outlet shopping.  We wnat to encourage you to head to Foley.  It has several great spots to visit one of them is Stacey’s Drug store.

This classic Drug store with a  old time soda fountain, the local teenagers can make anything from ice cream cones to egg creams, and malts.  This place is such a treasure and a lot of fun for you and your family.  They serve a variety of sandwiches as well.  There is a model train that makes its way around the top of the drug store all day.  Oh and all sorts of model planes swoop and soar above you. You and your family can grab a seat at the cute little tables or sit right up at the counter and watch them make all of the tempting creations.  Not only is the food yummy, the atmosphere is classic and so fun, the prices are from another era as well.  Just keep in mind this is a daytime activity and bring your sweet tooth!

I recently took a trip with my husband to Stacey’s and we enjoyed a double cone each for only $4 total!  What a deal, right!  Don’t miss the world famous Keylime Pie Milk Shake, and the coffe for 25 cents.  Check out the video for our trip and be sure to stop by with your family and make some fun memories. This is a don’t miss, low cost fun for your entire group.

Fresh Market Seafood

So you are at the beach and love to cook!  You don’t mind eating out but you can cook seafood as good or better than any restaurant so where do you go to get your fresh seafood???  Fresh Market Seafood is a family seafood business owned and operated by the Wallace Family. The Wallace family is one of the oldest families in the area. It was the Wallace’s who founded the Lagoon fishing village in 1861 located just a few miles from the market. The Wallace’s have been local area fishermen and shrimpers for generations. Owner, Hal Wallace, his Father, Johnny and several cousins catch the bulk of the shrimp sold at Fresh Market Seafood. Our Seafood is hand selected, and only the best quality is sold in the market.

Fresh Fish

Be sure to check out their website to get current pricing on seafood and what is in season right now. They carry everything from Popcorn to Royal Red’s in shrimp, there is always a variety of seasonal fish, Crabs whole, claws, or lump meat,  Oysters, and lots of other treats  and don’t miss the gumbo, it is the best in the area!!!  Fresh Market now has three locations.  The original on Hwy 59 on your way to the beach on the west side at the corner of County Road 10.  The second location on Ft. Morgan Rd. between the Chevron and Ocean’s restaurant.  The newest location is in Orange Beach!  Give them a call to find out which location is closest to you 251-955-5550.

Fresh Shrimp


Fresh Market also has everything you need to prepare for your next fishing trip.  If you need bait, poles, tackle, something to entertain the kiddos, or the spices to cook your catch Fresh Market is your place.

Fishing Poles

They cater as well.  if you like your seafood cooked when you get it or you have a party to feed.  Call them ahead and they will have your order ready for you!  Get ready for some yummy seafood!


Indies 410 Beautiful Sunset Views!!!

We rent several different sizes of condo but in the Indies there are a few that are quite a bit larger.  We rent a couple of these large Indies condos.  One is one the east end and has a city view and the other is one the west end and it has a Sunset View!  The west end condo is Indies 410 it sits on the end of the 4th floor of the Indies building.  Not only is this condo a beautiful mix of cozy and kid friendliness it has some of the most gorgeous views on the island.

This condo sleeps eight comfortably.  Each bedroom has its own bath attached.  The bathattached to the twin bedroom is a bath shared by the living room which is the first bedroom to your left as you walk in the front door.  If you continue straight down that happy you will find yourself in the living room.  The tan sofas and dining room set welcomeyou and your family to come and relax.  While the beautiful kitchen behind you has everything you need to make wonderful meals together.  The master bedroom has a king size bed with a large garden tub and separate shower.  The third bedroom has a queen sized bed and there is a shower only in this bathroom.   

The balcony is definitely the showplace in this balcony!  You have beautiful views of the bay and the Gulf from this wraparound balcony.  Our Favorite part of this condo you have a view that is ideal for taking sunset pictures, or just enjoying  a quietevening with your sweetie watching the sunset.

The living room has a little secret in it!  There is a sleeper sofa for a couple of extra friends!  You can view Indies 410 here!  This beachy condois large enough for you and your friends or you can bring the grandparents along for a beach vacation.  Either way you are sure to enjoy a great stay in its comfy, beach setting with the amazing views just out the window!  Keep in mind this great big beautiful condo only books for seven night stays.  If you need a shorter stay just give us a call we are happy to help you find the perfect fit!

Hangout Music Festival 2012

This May 18th, 19th, and 20th The Hangout Music Festival returns to Gulf Shores.  This year the headliners include Dave Matthews Band & Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jack White! All the general admission tickets are sold out but there are a few VIP Passes left.  Now you just need a place to stay!  You have the opportunity to party in town then come out to the quiet of Ft. Morgan to relax and rest up for the rest of the party!  We have some great specials for that time. A one bedroom that sleeps up to 6, for 3 nights starts as low as $569.00.  A 2 Bedroom for 3 nights starts as low as $708.00.  A three bedroom condo that sleeps up to 8 people can start as low as $980.00.  Just give us a call to book today! 

Be sure to look below to see who is preforming this year and we will see you soon!

 The String Cheese Incident, Wilco, Skrillex, The Flaming Lips Preforming Dark Side of the Moon, Chris Cornell, Dispatch, Kaskade,  Steve Winwood, STS9, Umphrey’s McGee, Gogol Bordello, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Mac Miller, Flogging Molly, Coheed & Cambria, Paul Oakenfold, G. Love and Special Sauce, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Randy Newman, Young The Giant, Dr. Dog, Cage the Elephant, Dawes, Alabama Shakes, M. Ward, YelaWolf, Switchfoot, Rebelution, Julian Marley, Zeds Dead, Mavis Staples, Shpongle, The Greyboy Allstars, GaryClark JR, Allen Stone, Big Freedia And The Divas, The Devil Makes Three, Paper Diamond, Futurebirds, Tribal Seeds, Delta Spirit, Heartless Bastards, Hey Rosetta!, Sleeper Agent, GIVERS, THE LUMINEERS, ARCHNEMESIS, Rich Aucoin, Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin’ Cajuns, The Q Brothers, School of Rock, Big Bang Boom, Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights, Jim Cosgrove, John Yost’s Rhythm Revolution, Peter DiStefano& Tor