Stacey’s Drug — Get Some Relief From The Heat

You have spent a few days at the beach getting lots of sun.  Despite all of your best sunscreen applications you and your family are sure to have some bright red patches of sunburn.  Don’t worry it happens to everyone!  You decide that maybe you need a break from the sun today!  So you head to town to do a little souvenir or outlet shopping.  We wnat to encourage you to head to Foley.  It has several great spots to visit one of them is Stacey’s Drug store.

This classic Drug store with a  old time soda fountain, the local teenagers can make anything from ice cream cones to egg creams, and malts.  This place is such a treasure and a lot of fun for you and your family.  They serve a variety of sandwiches as well.  There is a model train that makes its way around the top of the drug store all day.  Oh and all sorts of model planes swoop and soar above you. You and your family can grab a seat at the cute little tables or sit right up at the counter and watch them make all of the tempting creations.  Not only is the food yummy, the atmosphere is classic and so fun, the prices are from another era as well.  Just keep in mind this is a daytime activity and bring your sweet tooth!

I recently took a trip with my husband to Stacey’s and we enjoyed a double cone each for only $4 total!  What a deal, right!  Don’t miss the world famous Keylime Pie Milk Shake, and the coffe for 25 cents.  Check out the video for our trip and be sure to stop by with your family and make some fun memories. This is a don’t miss, low cost fun for your entire group.

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