How To Live In Ft. Morgan

At least once a week, someone tells me they are hoping to move to this area.  They love the Country at the Beach!  It is one of their life goals to live here!  There are a few things to consider, however, before you make the move.  Ideas that you must embrace and make your own to really be a part of the Ft. Morgan Community.

First, you must really like sand!  It gets everywhere, on everything, and is just simply everywhere.  You must truly think of sand as your friend.  It has created your beautiful beach and without it things just wouldn’t be the same in your favorite place to walk, fish, swim, relax and play.  So say it with me.  I love SAND!  Just keep repeating that.  Okay, now that you have that simple basic truth down, you have let go of the idea that your new home will be immaculate and sand free,  you are well on your way to embracing the relaxed lifestyle of island life.  I’m  not saying embrace filth!  I’m saying that it is not an end of the world crisis if a little sand is around.

Take a deep breath, that first one is really the hardest one!  Okay now look at your cell phone, tablet, maybe even laptop.  Hug your wireless device.  Pay lots of attention to it.  Spend all the time you could possibly want with your wireless device where you live now!  Once you get to Ft. Morgan they will be used less, and at times useless!  Not to mention in constant harms way.  With water all around and sand everwhere, these things tend to have a short life here.  If fact people have so much fun without them (once they are used to the idea they don’t work well) that they forget them.  I mail back or have people turn more cell phones into lost and found each year.

Slow Down enjoy the sunset
Slow down enjoy the sunset

The real trick to living here is taking everything in stride!  Remember all things happen for  reason.  If it rains one day at the beach, you notice the locals love it!  That’s because it doesn’t happen often and we know how much our area needs it.  The wind blows so hard you feel sand blasted and that’s ok!  This is one of the natural ways the beach is cleaned.  There is seaweed everywhere on the beach and now its down your swim suit because you wanted to swim.  The seaweed is important to our local sea creatures, it acts a nursery to our beaches, and it helps build our protective sand dunes when it washes on shore.

Are you seeing a theme here???  Start enjoying the things around you and let go of the things that are a part of the modern world.  In this place of remote beauty we hold on tightly to our natural world and history and don’t take much else really seriously!  We use our precious time to enjoy family, friends,  sunsets, food, fishing and fun.  If this still sounds good to you, pack your bags!  Bring your necessities and don’t forget your comfy clothes and shoes!  We’ll see you soon.

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