To Bring Your Pet Or Not To Bring Your Pet???

I am an avid pet owner! My husband and I have two dogs and a cat. We love our animals and it is completely possible that they may be the only “children” we ever have. Thankfully we have people who love them as much as we do who can watch them while we are away. Not everyone has this option in fact many people choose to travel with their pets. I wanted to give you the pros and cons of traveling with your pet for a rental companies point of view. So you can make an informed decision.

You know your pet loves you and if they could choose would be with you most likely. However you are coming on vacation and want to do things outside and away from the rental property you have chosen. Most dogs cannot go shopping nor are they welcome in any nature walk / historical areas. So this confines your precious dog in a strange place without you for long periods of time. This strange place is often a condo or duplex that other dogs have recently left. So the likelihood of your quiet, non-destructive pet not to panic a little is unlikely. We have seen the best dogs damage furniture, have potty accidents, and /or bark incessantly because they were left alone in a strange condo. I can’t say this happens every time but please consider how your dog will react in a new place without you. If these things happen at a kennel or with a sitter you won’t be asked to leave or charged extra for damages.

Be sure your pet is welcome where you are going to stay. There are size and breed limits in most places you can stay. Also, most places do not allow any thing but dogs. I know in our area cats are not welcome because of a federally protected Beach Mouse. In the condos that we rent dogs must be 35 pounds or smaller, there is a mandatory pet fee and your dog must be leashed and cleaning up after them is an absolute must.

We love that people bring their dogs and there are owners who welcome the dogs in their condos and houses. As a dog owner I only want to see what is best for each pet so consider your decision carefully. I know my little dogs wouldn’t do great in a condo. Would yours?

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