Snowpocalypse… The Icy Days at The Beach

Sitting bundled under blankets with puppies piled on top of me I am wondering how long this Snowpocalypse is going to continue. That’s right Snowpocalypse is our creative Southern way of saying it is too cold for us in general and it snowed a little. Living only ten miles from
the beach and going to work there most days for years and snow and ice are the very last things I thought I would be writing about here at the end of January 2014. We have had at or below freezing temperatures for a little over 48 hours now and tomorrow is now going to be much better. This is the time of year we are preparing for Mardi Gras and entertaining our winter guest in our mild winters at the beach. Well not this year. This year will go down in infamy at least with or winter guests as the year it froze 3 times at the beach before the end of January and even snowed a little! Snowpocalypse or winter storm Leon managed to shutdown all of Alabama practically. In our area schools were out for 2 days and roads and bridges were closed for almost as long. I am sure this is humorous to those of you up north who
experience months of snow and ice day in and day out. We saw frozen yards and iced streets beaches and roof tops. We are simply not prepared for this freeze out even for a few days. In all seriousness Leon was dangerous in many ways for many folks. Mostly in the form of icy car crashes and snowed or iced in cars with people stuck in them a few hours north of the beach. We ask our northern country men to show us some grace as we talk for a few more days or weeks about this winter mix that put a halt to our laid back beach life.
The cold has completely thrown our sunny groove off. We have had to find long pants, closed toe shoes, sweaters scarves and even jackets. So much clothing simply smothers us and some of us have really forgotten that most of the country really lives and functions in this and much worse for months. Please enjoy the opportunity to poke fun at our shortcomings and lack of preparation. We will laugh with you in a polite southern way and welcome you back to our friendly shores as always. Stay warm friends as we try our best to as well. We look forward to sunny days with all our brave friends who live north of our beautiful beach.

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