Are You Ready For Spring Break At The Beach???

I know here in white Gulf Shores area today it will not get above 40 degrees and rainy just a little north of us will be getting snow and most of you who visit us are under snow as we speak.  I don’t know about you but we are ready for Spring around here.  Rain, snow, slush and cold go away sunny warmth hurry our way!

So in all of your sunny, warm dreams have you considered Fort Morgan, Alabama?  Let me paint you a picture of why you should be planning to head this way for your Spring Break getaway!

Picture this, white sandy beaches with clear water, sunny skies and the sound of shore birds flying over head.  As you make your way over the small rise in the board walk leading over the prettiest sand dunes you have ever seen. The sand dunes cover the entire length of the private beach.  These dunes have hundreds of sea oats waiving in the breeze.  It is usually just a constant warm breeze that blows just strong enough to always keep a kite in the air.

Back to the beaches, the sand is warm sometimes almost hot to your feet.  As you take those first few steps on the beach you notice that it kinda squeaks under your feet.  Almost like a little celebration for you in every step, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

You notice that the people on the beach, that is surprisingly uncrowded, are a lot like you and your family.   That’s right I said family on the beach with other families splashing in the water and building sand castles.   These beaches aren’t overrun with college students behaving badly.  We just don’t let them do that in Fort Morgan.

So you have enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach with your family and watched a stunning sunset.  Now it is time to head back to your beach house and enjoy a great family cooked meal.  Get the kids started cleaning up from the beach day while the grown ups start getting dinner ready.  So now your kids are clean and kind of tuckered out from their day of fun in the sun.  After you all enjoy a yummy meal together the kids can relax in front of the TV and the grown-ups can enjoy a cool evening on the back deck listening to the waves.

Now that it is time to enjoy relaxing night in your beautiful beach house.  There is a comfy bed and a warm shower waiting for you and the next day you will wake up a to an amazing view from your beach house.   Now we have taken brief walk through your first day of Spring Break you need to go on line and pick out hour beach house.  It is time to go to and choose the Beach Houses tab.  Or simply give us a call at 251-543-1370 we are happy to help!


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