Five Reasons to Plan a Flexcation in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan

With all the Covid stuff we’ve had to deal with for over a year now, much of our daily home and work life has changed.  In fact, the two seem to have begun to overlap.  Many of us are working from home and our kids are virtual schooling in order to keep down the spread of that nasty virus.  A lot of us are doing some sort of a hybrid schedule that includes working at home and in our offices. We, at Sunset Properties, happily suggest you incorporate a Flexcation into your schedule before the busy summer months hit.  What’s a Flexcation?  Well, simply put, a Flexcation is a combo work-vacation time (usually a long weekend in an offseason) that your whole family can enjoy.  You can squeeze in a couple of workdays alongside a weekend and get the best of both worlds.  It’s a kind of virtual office and an on-site vacation all rolled into one.  If you haven’t yet tried out this new family-friendly workable concept that is keeping bosses happy, it’s time you did.  

And here are five reasons why you need to plan a flexcation soon:

1.      You Don’t Have to Be Walled In to be Productive

Aren’t you tired of staring at four institutionally painted gray walls? Close your eyes, just for a minute, and imagine escaping from that prison you call your office.  Now open your eyes and follow this link to see what A Little Bit of Heaven here on earth looks like.  Looks pretty good, huh?  Now check out this link to Boardwalk 1085 to see what a Gulf Front Home/Office view looks like.  Maybe a view of Mobile Bay appeals to you.  Wouldn’t popping open your laptop on your balcony as you watch the seagulls play out over the bay be a perfect backdrop for a Friday?  If that sounds good, Navy Cove 2113 is where you need to be!  There are only a few short weeks left to make these daydreams a reality before all the tourists flood the Alabama Gulf Coast?  The time is now for you to book your weekend long Flexcation in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan!

2.      WiFi is Available, Dependable, Fast, and Reliable

Now that you’re considering our flexcation suggestion this spring in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan, you’re wondering if the tools you need to work will be available.  You’re in luck!  Your primary need is WiFi and it is available and, more importantly, it is dependable.  After all, we know you have to work in between your relaxation time.  And the kiddos still have schoolwork that needs to be done before Summer Break.  Our beach homes offer excellent WiFi service and the password for your specific guest account will be provided to you with your check-in information.  If you will need some extra space away from the family to help you concentrate on work or for Zoom meetings, consider securing a beach home with an extra bedroom.  The cost to add a bedroom where no one will sleep, but you can spread out your office materials, is really reasonable.  Check out our two and three bedroom condominiums at The Dunes and The Indies.  With the pool just downstairs, your family can enjoy a day of swimming and splashing in the sun and you’ll be just a few steps away.  So, taking those 15-minute breaks at the pool will be… well… they will literally be a breeze! (A Gulf Breeze, even!)

3.      Eating Lunch on the Beach is a Great Option

Speaking of breaks, how does enjoying your lunch break on the beach sound?  It probably sounds like something in your best-ever daydream.  Let’s make that a reality!  Most of the beach homes managed by Sunset Properties are either located on the beach, facing the beach or are just a few steps from the beach.  Let’s think about that for a minute.  Where are you sitting now?  Where are you going to have lunch today?  Are you going to have that same old ham sandwich and half of an apple again?  Tell me eating at the beach doesn’t sound like a much better option!  If you choose to spend your flexcation in Island Sunrise 468 in Gulf Shores, you are right on the beach!  Just pack your picnic lunch in your condo and walk out and enjoy!  How about Castaways 7B?  This two-bedroom condo is located near one of our favorite places: Sea-N-Suds.  Talk about a great lunch plan!  Walk down the beach to Sea-N-Suds for some of the best gumbo anywhere.  And if you choose to have an adult beverage with your gumbo, we won’t tell!

4.      The Best Meeting Spaces are Outside

“I love to go to meetings!” said NO ONE…. ever!  But, if you have to meet, and you can meet virtually, then you can meet from anywhere.  And, if you can meet from anywhere, why not choose to meet from your own private deck of your fabulous beach home located on the Alabama Gulf Coast?  What would this look like?  Check out the perfect virtual meeting space located on the deck of the amazing beach home called USA 2.  The view is spectacular!  All you need is your laptop and some sunscreen!  No need to greenscreen yourself in front of a pleasant background.  You’re already in it!  Or how about attending your meeting from the beautiful Eden’s Waters?  We think if you have to attend a meeting, you should at least be in a place where you can enjoy yourself.  Any one of our tastefully decorated beach homes will offer the best possible surroundings for a productive outside meeting.  Your amazing background is ready.  All that’s missing is you!

5.      There’s Plenty to do When You’re Not Working

Now that we’ve covered all the working aspects of your flexcation, we need to address the most important part.  A perfect Flexcation must appeal, not only to your boss, but to your whole family.  The boss is happy when you get your assigned tasks done and the family is happy when they are entertained.  Along the Alabama Gulf Coast, there is so much to see and do!  We are sure your whole family will love you for bringing them along on this “work trip”!  If continuing education and school studies is a vital part of your flexcation, be sure to visit the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.  In between the excitement of visiting the animals, you’re sure to learn something!  Put at least one museum on your list of educational places to visit.  If you just want to have some down-time and enjoy family fun, visit any one of our mini-golf attractions, go on a dolphin tour, or eat at Lulu’s.  All of these are great ideas for entertainment for the whole family.  If you need some more suggestions, call us at the Sunset Properties office 251.543.1370 or email us at and we will be happy to offer ideas.

At Sunset Properties, we are always looking for the best ways to accommodate our guests.  With all that Covid threw at us, like you, we had to get pretty creative.  We think this new flexcation concept is a win-win for everyone!  We would love to help you plan your long weekend so that you can accomplish your work while having the freedom to make a few memories with your family.  Short term rentals are available on a limited basis and sometimes we offer last minute specials.

Let us help you get outside those gray office walls and escape, even for just a short time, into your best daydream!


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