06/15/10 Oil Leak Update from The Dunes Beach, in Ft. Morgan

Good afternoon everyone. It is a sunny, hot day on The Dunes Beach in Ft. Morgan. There are a few clouds and a bit of a breeze that are keeping things cooled off a little today. I managed to not get wet today but saw lots of people enjoying the water again today. We have noticed some slight odor today and this is only the second time so we are feeling very blessed. The faint gas grill smell comes and goes and it seems to corresponding with when the oil is burned off of the surface of the Gulf. The water is still crystal clear and you can see to the bottom where fish are swimming and you have easy access to beautiful shells. A guest Mrs. Jones sent everyone a message today on the video. We look forward to seeing you soon.06/15/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update, from Sunset Properties

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