Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update, 06/14/10

Good afternoon everyone!  It has been a crazy Monday morning, sorry for the delay in getting the   It is another hot day with very little breeze on the beach, but it is beautiful!  Everyone I met on the beach or those who have come through the office are having a blast.  We still have seen little impact beyond a few tar balls that are immediately cleaned up and we haven’t see those in days. 
06/14/10 Ft. Morgan, Dunes Beach, Oil Leak Update from Katie at Sunset Properties
There is no breeze today so I don’t have salty breezes to report, but there are no other smells either.  It is just a typical hot day on the beach.  Besides people in the water, I saw fish swimming and birds fishing.  It is really, really HOT!  I burned the bottom of my feet walking on the sugar white sand down to the water and got the bottom of my dress soaked when I decided to get in the water to cool them off.  I am dry now  and wanted to give you  as much as an update as I can. Abby, the puppy just in from swimming at Ft. Morganvideo up.

We had a request for a “real” update.  This person was wanting a forecast, I am sorry we are not getting any forecasts so I cannot give one.  If I had one Icertainly would!  We are living life one day at a time and taking things as they come.  So far we have been completely blessed with the little to no impact we have received.  I am continuing on with this beautiful beach  is the way it will be and if and when it changes I will let you know.  I can tell you every forecast we heard in the past when they were actually making them has been wrong for our area.  Even NOAA will not give a forecast for the oil impact.  I am sorry.

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