The Stars are Out!!!

Starfish that is!!!!  It is rare to find a starfish on our beaches, but this year, we have had the blessing of them venturing out of the water on our beaches several times.  One of the couples who have lived here from the beginning mentioned they had only seen them 4 times in the last 10 years.  this experience was rare indeed!  In early February two of my very best friends came down to visit and during one of our very cold walks on the beach we must have found 50 sea stars, as they are technically known.  We presumed they had been stunned by the sudden drop in temperatures because when we picked them up they moved still.  We spent several hours that afternoon tossing our starfish back into their watery home.  It was my friends birthday and she considered it one of the best birthday gifts she had ever had.

Just a few weeks ago, the locals I mentioned above, James and Ciel,  found more starfish on our beach.  These stars had been out to long to rescue.  Instead of leaving them for the birds, they decided to bring them home and dry them.  Now they have beautiful reminders of these unique visitors  to our beach.

I hope on your next visit you get to have a great experience with the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us each day here at the beach!  See ya soon..

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