Come play on the white sandy beaches, but beware!!!

One of the unique things about staying on the Gulf Coast, is the white sand on our beaches.  This stunning white sand is composed of quartz and is highly reflective.  Be sure to wear your sunscreen even on overcast days.  The sun will burn you under an umbrella by reflecting off of the sand.

Of course the sand makes a beautiful back drop for photos and weddings.  You can build excellent sandcastles and it is easy to pick out the wide variety of seashells  from the white sand.

Did you know that the sand is also extremely easy to get stuck in????  We see literally hundreds of cars, each year, stuck in the sand.  So this is a heads up guys,  Don’t pull off of the road!!!!  Don’t pull down sandy driveways, or turn around off of a paved road on to sand.  The only way these maneuvers are possible is with a 4 wheel-drive and I have seen several of those buried up to their axle too.

I’ve been told the sand on this part of the island is shaped a little different than on other parts or the coast.  Because so many rivers exit out into our bays and off of the coast much of the sand gets smoothed just like a river stone.

Come and enjoy your beautiful sunny vacation, but beware of that sinking sand!!!!

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