Spring Beach Update

Happy Spring everyone!  We are so excited that the warm weather is here and our guests are returning in full force!  It is great to see all the happy families playing at the beach and splashing in the pool!  we wanted to give you a little bit of a beach update to start your Spring off right.  We are having blustery days right now bring in rain part of the week but that is great for all of our local wildlife.  Spring is also the beginning of our wedding season,  we are having lots of weddings this year in Ft. Morgan and we are thrilled that they chose to celebrate their happy day with us. 

Just around the corner it will be bird banding season and all of our fine feathered friends will begin to arrive from South America.  This is one of my favorite times because we are almost overrun with humming birds each spring. The last couple of years we even had a couple fly in the office when we leave the door open.  Spring is always fun at the beach!  a new adventure waits around each corner.  Come enjoy your springbreak with us and play at the beach, have adventures with your family, and rest in the warm sunshine!

Enjoy the Spring Beach Update

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