Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/26/10 from Sunset Properties

Lots of waves and a great breeze this afternoon in Ft. Morgan.  Tropical storm Bonnie only gave us a little bit of rain yesterday, but she brought in lots of sea weed!  This doesn’t seem to bother our guests who are here.  We have a small crowd but we are happy to have them.  The vacationers here are really enjoying their stay and hopefully we will have a few guests on our videos this week. 

We are still running some great specials and we hope to see you soon.  give us a call, come to the beach and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  We hope to see you soon. 

 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/26/10 from Sunset Properites

Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update from Sunset Properties 07/22/10

Good afternoon everyone!  We should be seeing record breaking temperatures today.  We have a small crowd enjoying the beach this morning!  The beach is looking really good we have a hand full of tar balls that have washed in overnight along with the seaweed in the large waves.  We expect increasingly larger waves until things calm down in the Gulf.  

 Ft. Morgan Oil Spill update from Sunset Properties 07/22/10

We hope you can make it down for a last minute trip, we are running some great specials, give us a call today to book!

Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update from Sunset Proprties 07/21/10

Good afternoon everyone.  It is a really warm day in Ft. Morgan today but our guests are having  a great time enjoying the pool and even the water to cool off.    We have a small army cleaning up just down the beach again today.  We are not sure what the are cleaning because we are seeing very little  impact from the oil.  We do see just a few tar balls rolling in the waves sporadiacally.  They are few and far between though.  You can view our beach anytime you want at www.theindiesonline.comwe have a web cam that takes still shots periodically. 

Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update 07/21/10 from Sunset Properties  

We have some wonderful specials going on right now.  Give us a call if you are thinking of taking a trip to the coast!!!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/19/10 from Sunset Properties

It is another amazing afternoon in Ft. Morgan.  We have a great breeze and the water continues to be crystal clear.  Our wonderful guests are having fun in the great waves or getting a tan in the comfortable breeze.  We are still under a swimming advisory for the unforeseen future, this does not seem to be keeping folks out of the water.  Enjoy the video!
Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/19/10 from Sunset Properties
We have some great specials and would love for you to come and enjoy the quiet beaches with us. Give us call!!!!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/7/10

Good Afternoon everyone.  It is a perfect beautiful beach day.  Warm but not too warm, a little bit of a breeze white sand and clear water.  We see cleaning crews on the land and in the water making sure all is beautiful  for the visitors and locals alike.  Their are a handful of people enjoying the beach this afternoon.  We are hoping to join them soon!!

Unfortunately, Fish and wildlife packed up the sea turtle nest early last night, so I was unable to get a video.  I am hoping to get one for you in the future.  Until then enjoy our video today and we hope to see you soon!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/17/10 from Sunset Properties

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/16/10

We have a great breeze blowing in this morning.  but it seems to be blowing in storms!  We are expecting big storms this afternoon and evening.  We hope they hold off  long enough to get our turtle nest packed up and shipped to Cape Canaveral. 

Once the eggs are on the Cape Canaveral they will be put on a beach to make their way safely to the Atlantic.  We are excited that our turtles have a safe place to get in the water!  I will be sure to get a video up as soon as possible of the packing process. 

Our waters are looking great again today we have bigger waves and a great breeze.  The beach cleaning is going great and each morning looks a little better than the last.    Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/16/10 from Sunset Properties

Don’t forget we have some great specials if you are interested in coming down for a trip.  See you soon!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update 07/15/10

Good afternoon everyone!  It is another really warm afternoon here in ft. Morgan.  There were only about 25 guests enjoying the beach at lunch time today.  The crystal clear water that is nice and cool is a big draw for the small crowd this afternoon, despite the swimming advisory.  I saw just a few tar balls in the water along with the fish, sand dollars, and shells. 
07/15/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties
We are continuing to run some great specials through the summer.  Give us a call if you are considering making a trip to the coast.  See you soon.