How to Find the Best Vacation Deals!!!!

Everyone is on a budget these days.  Many times vacation gets pushed to the back burner of priorities or does not happen at all.  We wanted to give you some helpful hints and secrets about where to find the best deals so you can make the most of every dollar while you are on vacation!

  1. Plan Ahead.  Many companies will give deals on booking rates, (like the same as this year, or a certain percentage off), if you book while you are here this year and even allow you to put a smaller deposit down if you will plan ahead.
  2. Last Minute Deals!  This is for those who didn’t get to plan ahead or who are looking for a getaway at the last moment.  I mean the LAST MINUTE.  If you are coming that week or within 7 days of booking your reservation many places will give you a great deal especially in the summer to get the rooms filled.
  3. Look for featured properties.  If a property is featured many times it is because it is new or maybe needs to be rented for whatever reason.  Call the company or owner and they will tell you more about this amazing featured property for a special rate!
  4. Come in the off Season!  If you are coming to the beach maybe try coming in early May or October, or September.  Even the winter is beautiful but a little cooler.  You can get a great deal there are almost no crowds and the beach is still beautiful and the weather is not so hot.
  5. Look for the events to come see at the beach, Concerts, Shrimp Fest, Sec Fest, Hangout Fest, many companies will offer special deals to book during those times.  Some even offer tickets!
  6. Ask if paying a certain way can get you a better deal?  If cash is king or a company prefers a credit card it does not hurt to ask you may save a few dollars.
  7. Go off of the beaten path.  Look for the places that are not in the heart of everything, maybe a few miles away or even 20 miles away but still on the beach.  You will have fewer people to contend with and prices are better to draw in the renters.  You have a little further to go for the amusement parks and shopping, but when you come back to your condo or house you are away from it all!
  8. Look for specials to celebrate unusual events to go on vacation.  Look for Back to school Specials, or After Christmas or Thanksgiving specials.  Especially in the Gulf Shores area the rental companies try to partner with the special shopping events that go on at the Outlet malls so you can a great deal on rentals to coincide with these sales.
  9. Become a Social Media stalker, companies want to raise their awareness on social media outlets.  They hold contests, Flash sales, and offer specials that you cannot see anywhere else because they are trying to advertise in the most efficient way possible.  Watch your favorite destinations like a hawk because these specials pop up out of the blue and are gone in an instant.
  10. Look for deals on restaurants, and amusement parks, and even shopping with the companies you rented from, at the local convention and visitors bureau, and even on the website for that special place you want to go.
  11. There is always a deal.  Ask, call, look online talk to friends there is always a deal out there you just have to be patient enough to find it!

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