149th Anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay

Cannons are booming and the ground shakes you can see the smoke rising from gun fire in the distance and smell the black powder.  Suddenly a regement of men in full civil war era dress run past you and take cover for incoming cannon fodder and enemy fire.  You are not watching a historic film or documentary on the big screen this is live action hitory!!!

All you have to do is show up in Fort Morgan on August 3rd.  You can witness history in action.  Live battles and demonstrations on daily living at the fort.  You can enjoy demonstrations on cooking, the life of women at the fort, candle making, stable work, and a doctor’s visit.  These demonstrations are eye opening on thier own and when combined with the anniversary reinactment you will feel as though you stepped back in time at Fort Morgan.

This is an all day event so be sure to pack your tennis shoes and comfy clothes becaues it will be warm.  You can enjoy the festivities from 9 am until 4 that afternoon.  This is a don’t miss event.  So be sure to make plans to take the short trip to Fort Morgan on August 3rd!

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