Haunted Fort Morgan!!!!

My boss recently forwarded me a blog recounting the experiences of people who have visited Fort Morgan and had supernatural experiences. These experiences included hearing voices and noises, seeing apparitions and lights, and having doors slam or reliving long over battles as they exit the Fort. The most common experience was an uneasy feeling or a feeling of dread or fear. I for one and very

skeptical of these experiences! Not to discount anyone’s personal experience as we all are on very individual journeys that are make up who we are and are built on an individually unique history for each person. I for one have never had anything even close to what these people are describing. Far from feelings of dread or fear the feelings that I experience here are mostly ones of peace, joy and contentment, and restfulness. This area has a long history of battle and lives lived in difficult circumstances. The end of the island was long inhabited by a native population prior to the military presence which began early in the 1800’s.

The natives were adept at living in this harsh climate but the settlers who came with the military struggled with the constant storms and lack of fresh water. They did thrive however after utilizing several fresh water springs in the area and fortifying the structures to withstand the seasonal storms that pummel the peninsula.

Unfortunately, many lost their lives as this was a military installation and battles were inevitable. Some lost their lives in naval battles while some were lost in accidents or in battles near the fort. People have mentioned seeing soldiers, slaves who built the unique star shaped Fort, and even spirits of women who may have lived at the fort with the officers.

As I mentioned I have never had experiences like this when exploring the beaches or the Fort in the decade I have lived and worked in this area. I have heard echoes that were a surprise but were explained and doors closing because of the constant high winds that pop up any time of the day and night. I have even seen lights there were unexplained by the average visitor. The locals know some are boats in the bay and some are from the light house beacon that flashes through periodically. The weather also adds to the mystery of the area. The island near the fort is only about half a mile across so more often than not in the winter months we get fog that will hang over the end of the island for days at a time. It seems more like you are vacationing in the old movie Brigadoon than it does a beach vacation. My husband chalks the other worldly experiences to the drinking habits of the visitors and the distance between the local “watering hole” to Fort!

No matter your beliefs or experience whether they are peaceful, sunny like mine or a little creepy and exciting like some of the visitors to our area Fort Morgan they are all worth a visit! Check out our specials and make your way to the Alabama coast this year. Spring is almost over so we have some great last minute deals. Summer is booking fast and the days are full of

sunshine here and the nights well you might get a little fright or you could experience the most breathtaking sunset you have ever seen off of the end of the peninsula. Fall weather is PERFECT the crowds are small and the prices are low and you can’t get a better time to visit! Looking for ward to seeing you soon or hearing your ghost stories from your visit to Fort Morgan!!!!

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