Getting Around Fort Morgan

Anyone who has stayed with Sunset Properties knows that some of the selling points of Fort Morgan Alabama include its peacefulness, friendly locals, beautiful pristine beaches, and wonderfully priced beach rentals. Unfortunately, just like with any quiet vacation destination, sometimes it can be difficult to get around our quaint little area of Fort Morgan, AL because of the lack of transportation options. Luckily, we have decided to put together a unique list of 4 ideas offering some insight into “fun ways to get around Fort Morgan.”

Now, before we can get to the list, there are probably a few questions you need to answer about yourself and your group when vacationing with Sunset Properties.

  • How large is your group?
  • Can you and your group walk around a lot?
  • How far are you from attractions or the beach?

Here are some the “fun ways to get around” Fort Morgan…

    1. Take The Trolley Around The Dunes Community – Okay, this is not exactly accurate, but riding around our golf cart is the next best thing. In fact, during the summer months we run our golf cart tours (mostly we take you to the beach and back) about every 30 minutes. Offering this type of service to our wonderful customers is just another way we can say thank you.
    1. Walking – I know walking doesn’t sound as much fun as riding in a cool golf cart, but hear us out. Beside the guests who stay with us, there is not really much drive through traffic in Fort Morgan. This enables guests the ability to peacefully walk around the Dunes and Indies Communities. Plus, although roughly a mile walk, guests can walk pretty easily to the actual fort in Fort Morgan. For larger groups that don’t have many kids, this might be the cheapest and easiest means of transportation (unless you want to go to Gulf Shores for dinner—and then we would recommend driving).
    1. Ride A Bike – What a great way to enjoy the scenery that Fort Morgan has to offer while getting some extra exercise? This can also take the place of an attraction as most kids love to ride a bike. If you are interested in renting a few bikes we would recommend checking out
  1. Mobile Bay Ferry – Again, not many options with this ferry as it only goes to one location. Nonetheless, how else are you going to get to the historically beautiful landmark of Dauphin Island? Also, I have heard tale of people riding their bikes to the ferry and spending the day on Dauphin Island sightseeing (refer back to number 3 about biking riding).

We decided to add one extra “fun way” to our list for our adventurous travelers.

  1. Did You Say Kayak – How much fun would it be to go kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico? Sounds a lot of fun to me. If you are interested be sure to check out

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