Fort Morgan, where history comes alive!

About a mile from our office stands Fort Morgan, a fort that was actively used off and on from its construction in 1834 until it was finally decommissioned in 1946 and turned over to the wonderful state of Alabama.  This beautifully designed fort served to protect the bay of Mobile and the Alabama coast while it was in use.

As you can see the Fort was designed to be  beautiful and function as a military fort.  Today Fort Morgan is a living history lesson to all who visit.  With it’s romantic air and interesting stories about battles and the thousands of people who lived there through the years, Fort Morgan is a don’t miss on your list of to-dos while vacationing in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan Alabama.  The entry fee is minimal and discounts are offered for seniors and children.

You get a sense of the history associated with the fort even before you go inside with all of its outlying structures from different time periods and  beautiful stonework.  Fort Morgan is currently cared for by the state and national park system. At different times throughout the year you can see civil war reenactments and take candlelight tours.  All of the events are fun to attend and can offer your family a great history lesson.  Because it is such a beautiful setting over looking the bay people often have destination weddings at Fort Morgan.  Carve out an afternoon to take a tour of Ft. Morgan while you are here, it will  be a memory making experience!

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