Ft. Morgan, Oil Spill Update 5/14/10

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend everyone!  Great weather is in the forecast and as you can see below we are clear of oil for the weekend as well!  Tara and I made a video this morning with the dogs on the beach.  It is pretty cheesy but so am I!!! 


Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and for waiting this out with us.  We know it’s a little scary, it is to us too.  We have faith it will all be great in the end and our beautiful beaches will still be here for all to enjoy.   

The oil slick still has not reached the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and, according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) forecasts, is not expected to for at least 72 hours. Forecasts beyond 72 hours are not available.

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