Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update 05/14/10

Imagine it with me friends.  A cool breeze blowing from the southeast off of the water.  The salty mist blowing in on it with the clean ocean smell.  Blues sky for as far as you can see, and that same breeze is keeping you at the perfect temperature while you enjoy the sunny day on the sand.  Can you hear the waves, and see the clear water with that hint of aqua.  You go and stick your feet in  the surf and the cool water surprises you as it washes over your feet and ankles. The water is always a little higher on your leg that you predict and you watch  the wave pulls the sand from under your feet, as it goes back out to join the rest of the gulf.  In the sand you notice every color of coquina clam digging themselves back in the sand to continue on with their quiet life on the shore.  This is what the beach is like today!!!  Hope you can come down soon and enjoy these lovely Spring days in Ft. Morgan. 

  • There have been no reports of oil odor along the beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan. At its closest point, the slick is approximately 50-60 miles away from the most western tip of our island.
  • The Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Department of Environmental Management stated that there is no foreseeable need to close beaches and, short of a drastic change, they have no plans to do so.
  • Tarballs travel independently of an oil slick and are not an indication that the slick itself will travel in the same direction or to the same area. The oil slick still has not reached the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and, according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) forecasts, is not expected to for at least 72 hours. Forecasts beyond 72 hours are not available.
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