Family Road Trip Ideas

Planning your next Fort Morgan beach vacation can come with a lot of joy, excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, these feelings can be overshadowed by the road trip needed to reach Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores Alabama. While some kids and teens travel very well most will need extra attention in car rides over 3o minutes. As a parent you will need to have everything planned from movies to games to snacks.

Parents need some extra planning to help ensure the car ride is as pleasant as the beach vacation. While planning road trips is easier said than done, we have listed some family road tips below to help turn those car rides into more enjoyable experiences. Pay attention because who wants to start and end their beach vacation on a sour note?

Tips For Teens

  • DelegateSometimes giving an older child a job will help occupy their time. You might be surprised at how serious they take this position. Ideas include planning rest stops, co-piloting, or controlling driving route.
  • Electronics – In this ever changing digital age, you never need to leave the house without some type of portable electronic. This includes DVD players, Ipods, and now laptops fall into this category.
  • Snacks – Who doesn’t enjoy eating some food?

Tips For Parents

  • Rent A Car – Not all cars are suitable for long trips. Vans and other larger cars can relieve a lot stress related to a several hour road trip. Some new vans/cars are quite suitable for road trips. They include cup holders, more space, and built in DVD players. Plus, their will be less wear and tear on your personal car or van.
  • GPS Devices – While we do not completely recommend following these directions to your specific property, GPS devices are surprisingly accurate for most road trips. You will most likely need to follow Sunset Properties directions upon arriving in Fort Morgan as houses are not always accurate.
  • Plan For Mistakes – Making great time does not need to be a priority as it will add stress to the rest of your family. Plan for things not going well, extra traffic, or some rain storms. Enjoy the extra time with your family and make light of the situation. Having kids should remove expectations of perfection.
  • Short Breaks – Stopping every few hours can help eliminate the inevitable “Are we there yet” from your kids? Having this places planned will give your kids something to look forward too. Plus, it should help some very stiff legs.

Tips For Kids/Toddlers

  • Games – This might be the easiest thing to help entertain kids. Unique car games include 20 questions, I Spy, or the License Plate game. Kids love these type games and it can help take their minds off the long road trip to the beach.
  • Extra Supplies – For younger babies and toddlers there are few extra necessities that you will need to pack. These necessities include bottles, wipes, snacks, medicine, and blankets.
  • Departure Time – Planning your departure time can have a huge impact on the success of your car ride. IF you child takes a two hours nap in the morning plan your leaving time at the beginning of nap time. What a great way to eat-up some free time.
  • DVD Player – This type of electronic babysitter can become very helpful for shorter car rides.

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