Activities for Men in Gulf Shores / Ft. Morgan

Ok  guys I know you want a break just as much as the rest of your family and maybe you would like some special things to do just for you.  Have an adventure or just relax with a line in the water.  I’ve got some ideas for you!!!

Beautiful beaches are not all there is to enjoy in Gulf Shores. 

1. Golfing; for all of the golf enthusiasts out there! There is a golf course minutes from anywhere you stay in Gulf Shores and levels of difficulty that range from beginner to professional.  Most courses are reasonably priced and offer specials that include carts if you’re not up for the walk in the humidity.  Check out Gulf for a list of local courses and specials.

2.  Fishing; weather you are ready for an adventure on a boat or you like to fish off of a pier or the beach you have opportunities surrounding you.  Some of my favorite memories as a little girl are fishing with my Dad so this might be something to do with the kids to make some great memories!!  You can charter a boat for a day or for a shorter half day trip.  If it is a longer trip they usually include food and will take you where the fish are biting and provide your license and all of the rigs and tackle you need to bring home a great catch.  Some of the captains will even grill your fish for you for lunch!  The prices are based on the length of time you are on the water and how far you go out.  There are several great piers in the area that are fun to fish off of  for a minimal fee.  You do have to provide all of your gear for this type of fishing and don’t forget you fishing license.  Surf fishing is always fun too, and one of the more popular ways to fish in Ft. Morgan.  You just need to be careful of swimmers, and be sure to pick up a fishing license!  You can purchase a fishing license over the phone or at most local bate stores. 

3.  Water Sports; for you guys who are looking for an adventure, you have everything from para-sailing and jet skis  all the way to kayak rentals or scuba diving.  All of these activities come with risks but they are all lots of fun too.  You can find providers of water sport rentals or activities at  Most of these activities are offered on an hourly basis.  Be sure to go with a company that has a good reputation and trained guides.

4. Nature / Wildlife activities;  because of the amount of coast line and wildlife refuges located in this area you have numerous opportunities to enjoy wildlife in their native habitat.  You can go on a Dolphin watching cruise or a nature hike on one of the islands many hiking trails.  Depending on the time of year you can experience different types of nature that migrate through or hatch right here on our coast.  You can see sea turtle hatching’s in the fall, bird banding and migrations in the Fall and Spring, even things like manta ray and different types of sea snails migrate through the area at different times of the year.  All of these are amazing.  Try to catch one of them while you are here. 

5.  History; for all of you history buffs, did you know there are two Civil war era forts in the Gulf Shores area?  What about the Native American settlements???  There is a huge Naval history an AMAZING museum about 40 minutes away.  This area has a long and very proud history and the list of places to see and experience is a little overwhelming.  Try not to miss the candle light tour of  Ft. Morgan, and the Naval Air station Museum in Pensacola.  The Gulf Shores Museum has some great information about the Native population in Gulf Shores along with settlers that followed and the widely varied heritage they brought to our area.                      

There are many more things that can be added like massages, shopping, and amusement parks!  This is just the short list guys!  If you are looking for a specific activity ask at the front desk, We are happy to help!!!!  Be sure to spend some time on the beautiful beaches but try to take some time and enjoy an afternoon doing something just for you.

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