07/09/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update

Good morning everyone!  It is a lovely, warm, sunny day on The Dunes beach  in Ft. Morgan.  We have a great salty breeze  blowing in and the beaches are very quiet.  I think we have a total of 12 people enjoying our beautiful beach today. 
July 9th Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties
We got some great news this morning.  The clean up crew will finally be coming through with 5 new machines that BP purchased, to clean up the tar balls  tonight.  We had a large influx of tar balls and debris about a week ago and that will be removed!  As you can see in the video despite the swimming advisory we still have a few people swimming and enjoying the water. 

We do still have a very few Jimmy Buffett Tickets left.  Give us a call if you are interested in booking a condo.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

07/05/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update

Good afternoon everyone!  We hope you are having a great day!  It is a stormy day here in ft. Morgan so we are unable to get on the beach and make a video!  We will post another one tomorrow as soon as we can. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you would like to book for Jimmy Buffett Tickets.  We do have a 3 night minimum for tickets and only 2 and three bedroom condos and houses that are 3 bedrooms and larger. 

We will be back with you tomorrow!

07/04/10 Ft. Morgan oil Leak update

Good Morning!!! It is going to be a beautiful day on the Dunes beach in Ft. Morgan.  We have another nice breeze and some great waves to coming in.  We do still have a no swimming advisory posted by the state, but the waters edge is clear of tar balls again and we are so excited! 

We are expecting a beautiful day on the beach today and wanted to remind yo we do still have Jimmy Buffett tickets left.  We have about 10 condos left next weekend all two and three bedrooms and we do have tickets for each.  We will be out of the office today but you can call and book first thing in the morning.  If you would like to book on line we do welcome that as well,  there is a 3 Night Minimum for Buffett tickets!!!  We hope to see you soon.07/04/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update from Sunset Properties

I passed all of the clean up crews coming out to work this July 4th.  We appreciate all the hard word work they are doing to make our beaches clean for vacationers this weekend.  We do still see some tar ball remnants on the beach from the big waves this past week I am sure the crews will get to those today with the great weather ahead.       

Have a safe, wonderful time with you families and friends this Fourth, celebrating our freedom!

07/03/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update

It is a beautiful day in Ft. Morgan!  It is really windy and that wind is keeping everything really comfortable on the beach.  We have some openings for this weekend still or for Next weekend and the Jimmy Buffett concert. The beach is looking a little better every day!
07/03/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties
The waves are really big and coming in quickly today causing a strong rip current this along with the swimming advisory is keeping everyone out of the water.  We are expecting a beautiful weeeknd and we hope to see you soon!

07/02/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties

Sorry for no blog yesterday folks, I was off and they couldn’t make it down to the water yesterday between the rain showers and phone calls.  It is another stormy day in Ft. Morgan.  Tara and I rushed down made a video and hurried back because of the lightening hitting the gulf as we made the video.  We are expecting storms off and on through the weekend. We are still seeing tar balls and seaweed wash in on the big waves.  We have no odor and we still have a swimming advisory in place to not swim in the gulf off of our beaches.  07/02/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from Sunset Properties  The weather has been much cooler lately because of the storms so the the folks that are here are really enjoying time on the beach getting great tans between storms. 

We do still have Jimmy Buffett tickets available for the 11th give us a call a for reservations!  We hope to see you soon!!!

06/25/10 Ft. Morgan Oil leak update

Good Morning Friends!  It is another really hot day in Ft. Morgan.  Our beach has some dime size tar balls and a little bit of debris this morning.  We have absolutely no smell and we expect the army of clean up crews to come through and get everything cleaned up any moment!  Their are lots of folks enjoying the beach and even a few getting the water this morning.        06/25/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Up date from Sunset Properties

Don’t forget we have Jimmy Buffett tickets available for new rentals!  Give us a call for details.  We hope to see you soon!

06/23/10 Ft. Morgan Oil leak Update from Sunset Properties

Good afternoon everyone!  It is another beautiful beach day.  There is a cool breeze and big waves today.  The water is still beautifully clear, and a few folks are enjoying the water, despite the ban on swimming.  People can’t seem to resist getting in the beautiful water.
06/23/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update from Sunset Properties
We wanted to let you know if you are considering coming down for July 1st we have a very limited number of Jimmy buffet tickets that we can offer with a rental for that long weekend.  Like I said we have a VERY limited number so when they are gone they are gone!  We hope to see y’all soon.

06/21/10 Ft. Morgan oil Leak update, from Tara at Sunset Properties

Good Afternoon Everyone!  It is another beautiful day in Paradise.  Crystal clear water lots of swimmers, you can see the fish swim by.  People are fishing and releasing their surprisingly large catches, and having a blast.  I have seen people snorkeling for shells, splashing in the waves and, playing frisbee, and football in and out of the water.  Everyone I have spoken to is thrilled with how beautiful everything has been and continues to be.  I wish we could send you a paradise to enjoy!  No oil, no tar, no smell, hurry up and join us! 06/21/10 Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update from the Dunes Community at Ft. Morgan