Snapper Season Open each weekend until Nov. 22nd

Time to break out your fishing polls and put on some sunscreen, it is Snapper Season each weekend until November 22nd.  I’m not sure who came up with the idea but they were brilliant!!! Instead a few weeks earlier in the year,  Now it is Snapper Season every weekend in the fall.  Almost every man I know in the area is busy every weekend fishing for the fun and great tasting fish.

So now is the time folks, book your condo, bring your boat down or schedule a charter and get ready to have some fun!!!  The snapper are huge, and available every weekend.  Oh, and don’t forget about the ladies in your life, if they are not interested in fishing themselves, there are beautiful white sand beaches and world class shopping for them to enjoy in the area.  The fall is the beast time of year to come to the beach with its small crowds and perfect weather and low rates, who could ask for more???  Give us a call for specials.  See you soon!!!!

39th Annual Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival Oct. 7-10

Fall is officially here!!!!! We have some great happenings at the beach this fall, including the 39th Annual National Shrimp Festival.  This year it is the weekend of October 7th thru Sunday the 10th.  If you have never been here for the Shrimp Festival, it is certainly an event not to miss.  Great food, that ranges from seafood to typical fair food, that brings back memories of those childhood visits to the state fair. 

 The food is not the only reason to attend however, there are great vendors and you can purchase beach inspired clothes, jewelery, and artwork of any scale!  Some of my favorite pieces are the giant metal sculptures of life size sea creatures, and the resin cartoonish ones that bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Don’t forget about the musical performances each day you have choices of two different stages to listen to music continously through out the festival.  The kids are not left out at shrimp festival.  There is a family friendly sand sculpture contest, and a Children Activity Village, for your little ones to create their own masterpiece!  A Chef’s Challenge is something you don’t want to miss as the top five finalists consists of some of the best chef’s in our area showcasing their talents in the kitchen to create new dining delights for visitors to our area. 

We have some great specials for you come for a couple of days or a long weekend to enjoy the fun and events of Shrimp Festival, and then the piece and quiet of Ft. Morgan, only 20 minutes from the festival shuttles!  Prices start as low as $199.00 for 2 nights!  Give us a call today!!!!

Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/20/10

What a beautiful afternoon in Ft. Morgan.  It is warm but their is a nice breeze coming off of the water and we saw lots of fish jumping and we even saw a small pod of Dolphin off the beach.  Which we are so excited to see.  We see a few cleanup crews down near the Fort, today cleaning up tar balls.  Our beach is looking really nice and we had some friends help us out with our beach update this morning!  Thanks Bryn and Diane for taking the time out of your trip to help us with our video today!  We hope you get to come back soon!!! Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/20/10

Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/19/10

Good afternoon friends!!!!  It is a beautifully warm day on the beach with crystal clear water and blue sky.  We have had rain every day for a couple of weeks and it is great to see the sunshine this afternoon. 
Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/19/10
We are changing or video updates a bit.  Instead of a daily beach up date we will continue to give you beach information, and add in helpful hints, vacation tips, exploring area amenities, Ft. Morgan events and special happenings, and adventures with Tara and Katie!  If there is any information you want us to get out on video send us a message.  We will see you soon!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/7/10

Good Afternoon everyone.  It is a perfect beautiful beach day.  Warm but not too warm, a little bit of a breeze white sand and clear water.  We see cleaning crews on the land and in the water making sure all is beautiful  for the visitors and locals alike.  Their are a handful of people enjoying the beach this afternoon.  We are hoping to join them soon!!

Unfortunately, Fish and wildlife packed up the sea turtle nest early last night, so I was unable to get a video.  I am hoping to get one for you in the future.  Until then enjoy our video today and we hope to see you soon!

Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/17/10 from Sunset Properties