7 Important Reasons to Book Your Vacation Stay with Sunset Properties in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan

Ok… so you’re looking for a rental management company you can trust, but who do you book your vacation rental with?  They’re all the same right?  You call up somebody you may never meet or go online and deal with a giant “server in the sky”…find your vacation home…make your reservation…authorize a payment…show up…check-in…blah blah blah….  Same ole story…no great thrill …right?


Well, what if I told you there is one company with an important difference that puts us above the rest?  What if I told you the folks at Sunset Properties actually care about you and your specific vacation needs?  I’m not saying the others don’t.  They might. But we do, for sure!  At Sunset Properties, we really do care about your family vacation.  You are important to us.  You might not believe me.  I can’t blame you.  After all, who am I anyway?  Just someone who writes blogs, right?


Maybe so…but just for a few minutes consider this:  the folks at Alabama’s own Sunset Properties not only care about helping you find the perfect vacation home to meet your family’s wants and needs, but they are also interested in your fun once you arrive.


Yep.  It’s true.  Keep reading and I’ll explain:


  1. Your Family is Important

Wait? What?  You’re asking yourself:  these folks care about my family?  The answer is “yes”.  Yes, your family is important to us at Sunset Properties.  We want to know as much about your family as you’re willing to share.  How many adults and kids are in your party?  Do you have a dog you want to bring? How about your mother-in-law or your second cousin Bob? Does someone use a wheelchair or a stroller?  You can bring them all!  Load up the kids, the dogs, the mother-in-law, your second cousin Bob,  and everyone else who needs a vacation!  When you stay with Sunset Properties in Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, we’ve got space for everyone.  We have accommodations to meet everyone’s needs.  We’ll find the perfect beach home for all of you.  Your family – every single member of your family- is important.

  • Want a dog friendly option?  How does 25 options sound?  We have 25 homes that allow dogs.  Here’s our pet policy and  here’s just a quick sampling of two of them:
  • Check out Dunes 206.  You doggie can bring 6 humans to stay with him in this comfortable condo.
  • Another option is SOUTHERN COMFORT.  This beach home sleeps one dog plus 12 human family members.
  • One more thing to note:  your dog doesn’t have to stay in all day while you guys are at the beach playing, Sea Paws Dog Resort is a local doggie daycare.  Everyone in your family can enjoy a vacation on The Alabama Gulf Coast!


  1. Your Vacation Needs are Important

Everyone’s vacation needs are different.  Do you need a separate room for all who will be traveling with you?  We can do that.  Do you prefer a pool adjacent to your vacation home or one a few feet away?  Are you planning a special event and need certain things in your kitchen or dining room?  Just let us know what you’ll need when you arrive and we will do our best to accommodate.  If you need an elevator or would prefer to take the stairs, let us know.  We have properties with both.  With properties in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan,  we will make every effort to see that all your pre-planning needs are met so that when you arrive, all you have to do is unpack and let the fun begin.

  • Need an elevator outside your beach home?  Most of our condominium units have elevators leading up to non-ground level floors.  To be sure, check with us when you call.
  • Need an elevator inside your beach home?  Check out ENDLESS SUMMER (sleeps 18) and GRACE (sleeps 20).  Both of these regal beach homes have their own elevators and will sleep just about as many folks as you can pack into two minivans!



  1. Your Vacation Wants are Important

Do you want to be in the middle of “all the action”?  We have properties near the public beach in Gulf Shores.  There is something going on in that area pretty much all the time.  Would you prefer to be a little way away from the busiest part of the island, but still close enough that your travel time is minimal?  Our beach homes in Orange Beach may be just the thing, then.  Do you want to play golf?  One of our Fort Morgan properties is located on a great golf courses.  If you want to be close to fabulous shopping malls or family friendly attractions, just let us know.  We’re reasonably sure we can meet your wants and needs in a perfect home away from home.

  • Want to stay near Waterville and The Track?  Give Peninsula 401 a peek.  It’s on Fort Morgan Road located on a fabulous golf course, but only minutes from the heart of Gulf Shores.
  • Want to stay near the Hangout?  PAT-TI-O is the answer.
  • Want to be at Perdido Pass so you can watch the fishing charters go out on their daily runs?  You will love Caribe C Penthouse 14.
  • Want to catch one of those fishing charters?  Contact the good folks at www.gulfshores.com and they’ll be happy to make recommendations.


  1. Your Correspondence With Sunset Properties is Important

If you call us, you will speak with real live people who are anxious to help you.  If you email us, you will get a response from a human, not a machine.  We consider it a privilege to speak with our guests directly on the phone or by email.  If you ask us a question and we don’t have the answer right then, we will get the answer and call or email you back.  If you need to speak with us once you arrive, we have two office locations to serve you.  As I said, we consider it a privilege, not only to get to know you, but to help you in any way we can.


  1. Your Satisfaction When You Arrive is Important

We want you to be so familiar with your vacation home and our staff, that you will not encounter any issues when you arrive.  We know issues pop up.  You know issues pop up.  Issues become opportunities – opportunities to show you how much you matter us.  If issues do arise, however, we will resolve them to the best of our ability and to the best of your satisfaction.  After all, it’s your vacation.  We know you worked all year to be able to take this week off and come stay with us in our little island paradise.  We think of you as not only our guest, but our neighbor, even if only for a week or so.  Hosts look after their guests and neighbors look after neighbors.   We want you to know that Southern Hospitality isn’t just a catch phrase.  Instead, here in south Alabama, it’s a way of life for us.  Frankly, it’s the way our Mommas raised us and we are proud to share it with you.


  1. Your Fun is Important

Your FUN very is important.  We, at Sunset Properties, have this cool program called Xplorie.  Xplorie is a way for you and your family to enjoy some of our island’s best attractions without having to pay some of the admission fees.  We partner with local attractions to give our guests one free admission pass each day of their stay.  This only applies to reservations that last less than 28 days but there is no minimum night to qualify.  So if you stay two nights, you qualify for two passes.  Therefore, if you are planning a golf outing, use the Xplorie program to claim your one pass for Glen Lakes Golf Club and gather up your foursome.  When you arrive, you’ll only pay for three.  How does a day at Waterville’s water park sound?  It works the same way.  You’ll claim one pass and load up all your little swimmers and head to Waterville USA waterpark for a day.  One member of your group will get into the waterpark free.  There’s more to do for free beside waterslides and golf.  Does riding go carts or a dolphin cruise sound good?  Well, those options are available with Xplorie, too.  Xplorie does have some restrictions.  But what program doesn’t, right?  Check out all the offers and guidelines at Xplorie .  Even with restrictions, my original thought remains the same:  Your fun is important to us at Sunset Properties.


  1. Your Next Stay With Us is Important

We know that while you’re on vacation, you’re already thinking about the next time you can come back.  We all do it.  We go away for a week or so and fall in love with our vacation spot.  Before we know it, we’re already planning the next time we can come back again.  We want your stay with us to be so great, that when you start having those kind of pre-planning thoughts that you don’t even consider staying with any other property management company.  We want you to be so sold on Sunset Properties, in fact, that when you go home,  you tell your friends about us.  We are a small company.  We are a family company and a local company.  We are real folks who are blessed enough to get to live and work in our little island paradise.  We know you can choose to stay with any number of companies and we appreciate the opportunity to be your first choice.  As I said, your next stay with us is important.  It is just as important, in fact, as your first stay.


Many of our best friends are folks we have met through our business over the last few years.  Many of them started out just like you wondering if they wanted to stay with us.  Not only are they now great clients, they are great friends.  And some, even, are just like extensions of our own family.  They grafted us right into theirs, too.


Give us a try.  Let us show you YOU are IMPORTANT.  Put us to the test and I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Ok…so what are you waiting for?  We want to hear from you.  So go ahead, reach out.  Send us an email at info@sunsetproperties.com or give us a call at 251.543.1370 and let’s start  a conversation today.  Your vacation home is waiting and we, at Sunset Properties, are looking forward to hearing from our most important next guestYOU!

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