YAPPY HOUR–A Meet and Greet!

Skyler and Dottie checking out what the people are up to!

You guys know we LOVE our dogs!!! Most of the time Skyler will meet you at the door before any person can say hello! This winter we have decided to have Yappy Hour for our winter and early spring guests. This is a time for all of our guest who have dogs to get to know each other and for the dogs to have much needed play.

This yappy hour was so fun! Tara and I brought our dogs and Skyler, Harry, added some comic relief with their signature beagle yelp! Sophie and Charlie made an appearance to sniff things out but they weren’t ready to play this time. Hopefully they will jump in next week when yappy hour rolls around again! We should have a few more puppy friends in and I’m sure they will join the gang in digging jumping chasing and barking just outside the Sunset Properties Office!

Look for more dog events through the summer or just stop by to meet our fuzzy four legged friends as you enjoy your trip! See you soon!!!!!!

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