Yes, We Have A Beach

Because we are just near the end of the island and not on Beach Boulevard in the heart of Gulf Shores, many people don’t realize that we even have a beach.  The question “Do you have a beach there?” keeps us constantly laughing.  I wanted to take a moment to tell you about “OUR” beach here in Fort Morgan AL.

Not only do we have a beautiful white sandy beach that rivals anything you will find in the heart of Gulf Shores,  we are only a mile and a half or so from the end of the island.  That means beyond the 1000 feet of private beach in the Dunes Community there is another mile and a half of beach  to explore, fish off of, and make memories on with your family.  Some of my favorite memories over the last five years have been on that beach.  It is quiet and secluded, even at our busiest time of the year.  There are always new shells and other beach treasures to find and with such a huge stretch of beach there are plenty for everyone.

Did I mention the sunsets and sunrises?  Spectacular!!!!  Not to be missed.  Waking up early before anyone else to enjoy the beach is one thing to put on your agenda.  This early morning trip will change your perspective.  If you get there early enough you are just in time to see the sea turtle patrol looking for mamma sea turtle tracks.  If you get to see these gentle giant’s tracks, it is something you will never forget.

So in a word, “YES”  we are on the beach, you should come check it out!  Take a look at the beach sneak preview I made for you then give me a call!  We have a spot for you!

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