What Will You See at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park?

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When you visit Alabama’s Gulf Coast, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the nation’s most important historic sites. Of course, there’s Fort Morgan, the Civil War fort. And, if you head over to Mobile, the USS Alabama sits, majestically awaiting your visit. There’s much more to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park than the battleship, itself. So, what can you expect to see there? We’ll tell you why you don’t want to skip it!

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Look Back Into History at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

When you come to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, you’ll be taken aback by the sheer magnitude of what is on display there. Not only are the ships and planes imposing, but they’re uniquely historical, each in its own right. These war relics stand as memorials to those who fought, bravely defending generations beyond them and their rights to freedom. So, what will you see there?

The USS Alabama

The battleship is the recipient of nine WWII Battle Stars representing the courage and bravery of her 2,500 crewmen. Also known as “The Mighty A,” the USS Alabama saw a year of war in the Atlantic before joining up with the Pacific Fleet in important battles like Leyte, the Gilbert Islands, and Okinawa. Immediately following the end of the war in 1945, the USS Alabama led the Pacific Fleet into Tokyo Bay.


America’s oldest Gato Class submarine sits next to the USS Alabama on display, as well. The crew of 72 men were responsible for dispatching 15 Japanese ships during 13 patrols. The ship earned 12 battle stars as a result. Today, visitors can descend into the ship to see what life was like for the Navy’s submariners.

“Calamity Jane”

Not to be outdone, the Air Force’s very own “Calamity Jane,” a B-52 behemoth, is also on display. The Stratofortress served with the Strategic Air Command and will wow you with its enormity.


The Cold War Veteran “Blackbird” is an A-12 spy plane used during the Cold War. Check out this intriguing specimen and imagine the days where counterintelligence became key.

Many Others On Display

Come, check out the many other aircraft from the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm. Inspiring memorials will give you pause and give you a chance to give honor where it is due. Then, when you’ve seen all there is to see, check out the gift shop to bring home a souvenir.

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