Sunset Properties, The App!!!!

We have noticed over the years that visitors just about can’t function without their cell phone lap top or tablet. The time of coming to the beach and being disconnected is coming to the end rapidly. As a company we are trying to meet the needs of visitors to this area by creating an app. It is simply called Sunset Properties you can find it in your app store on any device. Look for our logo!

ssp_logo - camera ready

Ok you may be thinking why a beach vacation rental company would need an App. We let me explain!!! Fort Morgan is a beautifully unique and well amazing destination. There is amountain of information that we give guests just to make a reservation as many of your know!!!

We wanted to give you access to all of the information about fun things to do, places not to miss, upcoming activities, specials, what to bring and what to do before you go, along with access to photos to all of our properties. This one little app can answer almost every question a guest may have 24 hours a day. You need your Wi Fi password? It is on the app. You need to get to urgent care? You can find directions and phone number on the app. Do you want to know the best place to see the sunset? The coordinates are on the app. Need to let us know about a problem? You can send us a message through the app. You can find the surf conditions and weather updates. It does all of these things and SOOO much more.

It is our hope that this app will make your life easier and put access to our area at your finger tips. Oh, and there is another benefit to having this app. We post fantastic specials for just our App users. Take a minute and download this App you won’t regret it!!! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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