Sunset Properties Assistant Manager “Locked Up”

Most of you have met Katie our Assistant Manager.  Usually at the front desk when she is not running in different directions, helping someone plan something special for their vacation or fixing a problem for an owner or guest.  She is a little soft spoken and smiling always ready to help.

We were all a little shocked when she told us she was being locked up.  the Katie explained it was for a great reason.  Katie was recently part of the Foley MDA Excutive Lock Up!  She was raising money for Jerry’s Kids.  Being a former children’s minister and teacher, Katie loves working for and with kids, so she was very excited to help out.

Katie had been raising money for several weeks when the officer came in mid morning to take her away.   She already had several hundred dollars in her hand to put toward her goal.  Katie and Officer Cline of the Foley Police department traveled to Foley where she jumped on the phone and with the generosity of family, friends, and the owenrs that she works so closely with, Katie raised enough to send a child to camp and the some.

Later that afternoon Katie was dropped off by a limo at the office and she was back to work like she had never left.  Katie mentioned that she really wanted to do this again and try to send a few more of these amazing kids to camp.  We will certainly do everything we can to support her and Jerry’s Kids!!!

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