Sunburns at the Fort Morgan Beach

When you’re basking on the beaches of Fort Morgan, Alabama, time can pass rather quickly. The delightful combination of sun, sand, and lapping waves make it easy to tilt your head back for a nap or sunbath. This time without clocks, schedules, or to do lists allows you to truly relax and forget every single one of your worries and cares.

Unfortunately, the sunshine on the beach can quickly turn your skin red. As the rays reflect off of the sandy beaches, you get more sunshine than you would sitting by your pool back at home. For some, this means days of a Fort Morgan beach vacation with red noses, itchy arms, and sweltering skin.

Luckily, sunburn is easily avoidable and can be prevented if you take proactive measures when your vacation begins. For some, the sunburn has already set in and they are left wondering how they will manage the rest of their vacation with uncomfortable red skin. We have years of experience dealing with sunburn – how to avoid it and how to treat it. Check out our helpful tips below to keep yourself cool, safe, and comfortable on your vacation to Fort Morgan!

To Prevent Sunburn in Fort Morgan

Let’s start with the time of day – one of the best ways to avoid a sunburn is to stay out of the strongest sunlight. The hours of 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon are when the sun’s rays are strongest. Bring along your own shade, such as tents and EZ-Shades, to protect your skin while you lounge on the beach.

The type of clothing you wear will greatly affect your sun exposure. If you aren’t working on your tan, cover up with lightweight and light-colored clothes. Some clothes even offer sun protection built in, which is great for both children and adults. Protect your face and neck with a wide brimmed hat – one of the first areas to begin to burn! Remember to protect your eyes with sunglasses that offer both UVA and UVB protection.

Of course, sunscreen is one of the best ways to avoid a sunburn. Select a type that touts at least SPF 15 protection and always check the expiration date of those bottles that have been sitting in your beach bag since last summer! Apply before heading to the beach and remember to reapply frequently, especially after swimming or toweling off.

To Treat Sunburn in Fort Morgan

Of course, lotion with aloe is one of the best ways to treat sunburn. Lotion with soy also helps to soothe achy, sunburned skin. The thick gel from the aloe vera plant quickly reduces the sting and redness. You can also apply cool compresses – soak a washcloth in cool water and place in the refrigerator for about five minutes. Place the compress on your skin and enjoy the relief.

Soaking in a bathtub full of cool water can also provide relief, but don’t soak for too long! Avoid using soap that can dry out your skin and opt to soak in a bath of baking soda, oatmeal, or even tea…yes, tea! Add several bags of Earl Grey tea to a pot of simmering water, let steep, and allow the tea to cool. Add to your bath for a homemade remedy.

If your sunburn is very bad, consider taking ibuprofen to help alleviate the aches. Your skin is burned, so be sure to drink a lot of water to help ward off any dehydration. Your skin needs plenty of water to help repair the burn and keep you cool and comfortable.

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