Springbreak Gulf Shores

Spring Break Gulf Shores, 2015  the police chief made the very public and highly publicized statement “I want to make sure everyone understands the rules.  A popular misconception exists that the city is more concerned with your spending than your safety or the quality of life for residents and law abiding visitors alike. This is not true and GSPD is willing to prove it to potential law breakers.”  2016 along the Alabama Gulf Coast only builds on this idea and ordinances that were enacted last year to keep the Alabama Gulf Coast the family friendly vacation destination it strives to be.

In 2016 not only will all uniformed personnel be on duty for the entire spring break holiday season but they will also be supported by plain clothed officers, sheriff’s deputies, fire and emergency medical personnel.  This small army of law keepers will be an unwavering presence on our sugar white sandy beachs.1457151021133

The cities have also given new authority to property managers to evict any problem makers under new city ordinances.  The police and sheriff departments will be backing up any property manager that needs help evicting those making our beautiful beaches non family friendly.

Along with these new peace keeping and safety ordinances the cities have also enacted new measures to keep picturesque beaches clean.  The new clean campaign is called “Leave only Footprints.”

Take it all back with you tents, umbrellas, chairs, and especially trash.  Tons of new trash can will encourage you to recycle or throw away all trash.  Go to cleanisland.org for more information.
Join us on the Alabama Gulf Coast!  Enjoy our beautiful beaches and amazing beach houses or breathtaking views for one of the thousands of condos.  Please treat this terasure better than you would your own home so it is here to enjoy for years to come.