Sinking of the Lulu!

It has been a blustery day today with tropical storm Andrea hitting land today near Tallahassee.  The weather today reminded me of the show “Reef Wranglers” that comes on the weather channel.  It is about a local company, “Walter Marine”, that sinks artificial fishing reefs and memorial reefs off the coast of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Pensacola.

You see the weather in this area is subject to change at any moment.  The gentlemen who do this work of creating reefs always say the weather is unpredictable in this area and they are certainly telling the truth.  The weather was beautiful today
despite the closeness of the storm but the waves were too dangerous to get in the water.  Everyone is enjoying themselves this week though and things should be back to normal beach weather tomorrow!

Recently, The Reef Wranglers set “The Lulu” to rest just off the coast of Gulf Shores / Orange Beach.   This is the first local reef that I am aware of that was sponsored by a local business and the community as a whole.  We are very excited about this addition to our local wildlife.  This reef will be great for fishing and diving for our diving enthusiast.

We wanted to share some great videos with you of the sinking of our newest local attraction, The Lulu!  We hope you enjoy the video.  Give us a call if you are ready to make your vacation plans we are running some great specials!

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