Hey everyone. It is almost 7 on Thursday, June 3rd. I just got back from the beach in the dunes Community on Ft. Morgan. this Beach is about 2 miles from the end of the island by sand and a mile on the street. I got a report that we had tar balls on the beach. I wanted you to see what these are. However when i got down there, I couldn’t find any. The reports I got said they were from the size of a dime to the size of a Hershey Bar. I did take a couple of videos of lots of people on the beach and in the water, and of the army of workers that came to clean up these tar balls. From what we understand the majority of them were on the end of the island. We saw NO OIL!!!!! I will post first thing in the morning, about 7.

Vacationers Having Fun on Ft. Morgan Beaches, No Oil.

Ft. Morgan Beach, No Oil, Workers cleaning tar balls, vacationers in the water

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