Must-Have Beach Items for Your Beach Vacation

Planning a beach vacation? There are a few basics you’ll need, and we can help you remember them on your list! These must-have beach items will help you have the best time at the beach possible. Nobody wants a sunburn! And, how do you keep the kids entertained? Follow our suggestions, and you’ll be good to go on your next beach adventure.

Make sure your next incredible beach experience doesn’t go awry! Here at Sunset Properties, we’ve got you covered. These great suggestions are just the start, too. Check out our recommended things to do, and your vacation will reach another level!

1.  Sunscreen
The sun can be deceptive in that it can burn you, even on a cloudy day. Therefore, applying sunscreen thoroughly and often will protect your vacation and your skin for years to come. There are plenty of sunscreens available. From natural to some that aren’t great for your skin. And, there is also the option of wearing sun-blocking clothing.  Wearing protective swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are all great ways to insure the health of your skin at the beach.

2.  Sunglasses
Ever spent a day at the beach without sunglasses? Your eyes hurt and colors aren’t quite as vivid afterward. You get a headache and can even feel woozy. Bring UV-rated sunglasses with you to the beach to avoid these consequences and enjoy all of your day!

3.  Swimsuit
When considering a swimsuit, you want something you feel comfortable in, but also that blocks the sun. The most important thing is to not forget it! Put it on your list! And, if you do forget to pack it, there are plenty of great shops in the area to find a new one.

4.  Cooler/Drinks/Snacks
During the summer especially, the beach will be hot and windy. Combine those factors with the salty air, and you have a recipe for dehydration. So, it’s important to bring hydrating drinks with you. Bottled water is the best option for the beach. A couple of important regulations to observe: most beaches disallow glass containers on the beach. During some months, alcohol is not allowed, either. When it comes to snacks, be sure to pick up your trash and toss it in the available beach trash recepticles!

5.  Towel and Bag
How many times have you gone to the beach with what you think to be must-have beach items in tow, just to find that you’ve brought too much stuff to carry! In this instance, a beach cart or tote bag are the perfect solutions. Another important thing to consider is the need for something to sit on. Under an umbrella, the sand may take a while to cool down. Nonetheless, a beach chair or towel to sit on will make your beach experience that much better.

6.  TOYS –  If you have little ones, beach toys are always a good plan. Even just a simple bucket and shovel to make a sand castle will go a long way towards keeping kids entertained and happy on a warm sunny day. You might also want to consider a small, inflatable pool for tiny guys. This will give them a chance to splash in the water, but not the worry of actually being in the waves.

Stage Your Beach Day at a Nearby Rental

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