May 11 Oil Spill Update!!!

Good afternoon everyone.  I wanted to let you know we have some new information from the CVB.  WE STILL HAVE NO OIL ON THE BEACHES AND NO SMELL IN THE AIR!!!!!  YAY!!!!!  We have gotten reports of tar balls, but we have not seen any on our beaches.  I am sure you have heard lots of talk about tar balls.  I wanted to give you a little information about these so you would be informed about what they are.  As I am sure you have noticed the national news ahas been rather deceiving about this entire incident putting everyone in a panic when very few places have had impact from this incident. 

So what is a tar ball????  I actually remember these from my childhood on the beaches in Pensacola.  Thes are the little pieces of tar that stick to your feet when you walk on the beach.  I was always told as a child these were from when the road broke up during the hurricanes, it is the asphalt.  It gets so hot on the beach and in such small pieces it just melts.    These also occurnaturally.  Without out lots of testing no one really knows where they come from.  I have vivid memories of picking these up and stepping on them as a little girl.  Some were hard, some were sticky, but we saw them so seldomly it wasn’t anything we really even paid atttention to. 

I am saying all of this to ease your mind about the latest news sensation.  These tars balls are nothing to fret about, but as always if there is a problem we will certainly let you know.  According to John and Tara no oil balls on our beach!!!!

 Check out the video they shot today

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