It’s time to plan your Beach Wedding!!!!

It is typical winter day here in Ft. Morgan, and we are talking to vacationers about warm sunny days to come! One of my favorite conversations lately are with families planning spring or summer weddings. Everyone is excited and often really overwhelmed.
I wanted to take a minute and help you out with the planning.
First, now is the time to start planning. If you do not have a house, reception area, or spot on the beach chosen yet, do it now. These places book up fast and you are running out of time quickly.

When planning a beach wedding the simpler the better.
The beach is beautiful already, so you do not need lots of decorations to enhance such a lovely place. Plus most beaches have strict rules about what can and cannot happen on their beach. Note:Be sure you get a list of these rules well in advance so you can plan your wedding activities accordingly.

Your day is supposed to be about fun and great memories! The key to having a great day is flexibility. At a wedding in a church things can change at a moments notice. This is even more true with a beach wedding. The weather can cool off significantly or get unbearably hot, the wind can blow like a hurricane and bring rain with it or not blow at all and leave everyone feeling baked.  Always have a back up plan, and let your guests know! If it rains the ceremony will be at an alternate location… Maybe have a back up plan for some handheld fans in case bugs show up, or some mats for grandparents to walk on because sand is difficult to walk in for some seniors.  Flexibility is the key friends!!!

My best piece of advice is to have a trusted friend or wedding planner to help you not worry the day of your wedding.  This person will handle any emergencies that may come up and deal with them in a patient and helpful way not involving you unless absolutely necessary.

It is my hope that you have a wonderful wedding day experience for your beach wedding.  If we can help you plan or if you have any questions about a wedding at The Dunes Beach, give me a call!  I’m happy to help!!!

Happy Planning!!!!

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