In Memory of a Fallen Hero

April 24 of this year the new flag and flag pole at The Indies was dedicated to SSGT Don Franklin Worley for his service in Laos during the Vietnam War.

SSGT Worley, was part of a secret project that was not recognized until the 90’s by the federal government.  His remains were never returned to his family nor were any of those who served with him.  Finally as a recognized Veteran, SSGT Worley was honored with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his bravery and service in Laos.

SSGT Worley is the father of Mark Worley one of the contract maintenance men who works at The Dunes, The Indies, Navy Cove, and in The Dunes Subdivision through Sunset Properties.  Mark was 10 and his brother Greg was 6 and sister Tammy was 4 when their father was lost at war.  Mark is now part of our

family here in Fort Morgan and The Indies board led by Mr. Lee Hicks wanted to honor this fallen hero.  This ceremony brought together owners, workers and management from the different individual entities in our community.  It was truly a community building service. Mark worked for years petitioning to have his father recognized by the government and to have his name added to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. 

In the Ceremony hosted by Lee Hicks an Indies owners the flag was raised to half-mast as he spoke of the war and SSGT Worley’s service and family. Another owner, in the subdivision, Robert Vaughan, played his bugle in honor of SSGT Worley at this sunset ceremony.

  A head stone was placed at the bottom of the flag pole in memory and honor of SSGT Don Worley.  Please take a moment to pay your respects to SSGT Don Franklin Worley next time you are here as part of the Dunes Community!         

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