Here they come! Baby Sea Turtles in Ft. Morgan

It is that time of year, and we are so excited!!!  It is baby Sea Turtle time.  We have 33 nests so far and they have been laid throughout the summer.  They are just beginning to hatch and it is an amazing sight to see.  100 baby turtles the size of your palm, fighting their way out of their nest under the sand. Then they rest for just a bit while sniffing the air.  Soon they are ready to begin scurrying to the water in unison.  They traveling down a tarped pathway put up by The Share the Beach volunteers.  Once the get to the end of the tarped pathway they stop and sniff the air again.  Their instinct kicks in a and they move straight toward to the water.  Visitors and volunteers alike work together to make sure these babies avoid crabs and sea birds. 

If you have a chance come down and try to see this unique event.  Give us a call to book today!     Special thanks to Chris Edlin for sharing his photo with us!

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