Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update from Sunset Proprties 07/21/10

Good afternoon everyone.  It is a really warm day in Ft. Morgan today but our guests are having  a great time enjoying the pool and even the water to cool off.    We have a small army cleaning up just down the beach again today.  We are not sure what the are cleaning because we are seeing very little  impact from the oil.  We do see just a few tar balls rolling in the waves sporadiacally.  They are few and far between though.  You can view our beach anytime you want at www.theindiesonline.comwe have a web cam that takes still shots periodically. 

Ft. Morgan Oil Spill Update 07/21/10 from Sunset Properties  

We have some wonderful specials going on right now.  Give us a call if you are thinking of taking a trip to the coast!!!

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