Ft. Morgan Oil Leak update June 2, 2010

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the break in posting yesterday.  We had some rough storms yesterday and it made my Internet connection non existent at home.  I want to be sure an post with a video or three today.  We were having fun with the video  camera on the beach today!!!Sterling getting in the Gulf with flare!  Brian and Amy Tompkins at the beach in Ft. Morgan   Update Ft. Morgan Beaches 060210    The news is progressively getting worse according to the national news, but as I mentioned take all of that with a grain of salt.  We have been completely blessed here at Ft. Morgan, still no impact from the oil.  Thanks for praying with us an please keep it up!!!!  We are in a completely different current pattern than Dauphin Island so we do not always see the same things they see.  Today our beaches are beautiful and lots of people are having a blast out in the Gulf.  We hope to see you soon.   

To date, no oil has reached the beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan. According to NOAA’s projections, there is a possibility of oil near shore of Pensacola.  The extent of that impact is unknown and this is only a forecast. Like the weather forecast, it is subject to change. See the current NOAA map and forecast here and check back frequently for changing conditions.

  • No health advisories or closings have been issued for our beaches or the waters off Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan at this point.
  • The City of Gulf Shores has contractors working to lay protective berm across Little Lagoon Pass, preparing in advance of any oil to preserve the waters and habitats of Little Lagoon.
  • NOAA has extended the limit of the closed fishing area to the line where federal waters meet Alabama state waters. However, fishing is open in state waters and to the southeast of us. Red Snapper season opened yesterday and boats are still departing from Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. To view a map of the closed area, go to https://sero.nmfs.noaa.gov//.
  • All appropriate protective measures, including oil-absorbing booms, are being placed along beaches, bays, inlets, and sensitive areas in an effort to keep oil from reaching Alabama’s shoreline. National, state and local response teams are deployed at sites along the coast to deal with local effects.

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