Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/16/10

We have a great breeze blowing in this morning.  but it seems to be blowing in storms!  We are expecting big storms this afternoon and evening.  We hope they hold off  long enough to get our turtle nest packed up and shipped to Cape Canaveral. 

Once the eggs are on the Cape Canaveral they will be put on a beach to make their way safely to the Atlantic.  We are excited that our turtles have a safe place to get in the water!  I will be sure to get a video up as soon as possible of the packing process. 

Our waters are looking great again today we have bigger waves and a great breeze.  The beach cleaning is going great and each morning looks a little better than the last.    Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 07/16/10 from Sunset Properties

Don’t forget we have some great specials if you are interested in coming down for a trip.  See you soon!

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