Ft. Morgan Oil Leak Update 06/07/10

Wow sorry so late to day guys!!!  It is a beautiful HOT day.  I will let the video speak for itself, but I did want to add something we didn’t talk about in the video.  Ft. Morgan Beach video update 06/07/10 from Sunset Properties I was on the beach for 1/2 an hour and did not smell anything but the salty breeze.  I have had NO reports of smells, fumes, whatever you want to call it at all, today.  We have had vacationers in and out of the office all day and everyone is having a great time and has a great tan, ( I, being of the pasty white color shade, am very jealous).  Keep praying with us, and please if at possible wait and see with us we would love to have you come and visit our beautiful beach.

People still swimming in the water 06/07/10

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